WSCC Rules & Regulations

0.0 - Contact Information

Should you have any questions please contact CFS via our email @ OR
Contact us via our Discord channel @ Please ensure that you include your name + team before sending your message.

1.0 - General Information

1.1 - Content (Cars)
The WSCC Season will be using the following content this year (2020)
Endurance pack:
GT3 challengers Pack:
GT3 Power Pack:
1.2 - Content (Tracks) 1.2.1 - The following circuits will be used for WSCC season.

1.2.2 - All other circuits will be modified by the league admins, download links to these circuits will be provided at the nearest available opportunity. 1.3 - Grid Size 1.3.1 - A maximum of 44 Teams will be allowed to participate 1.3.2 - There will be a Maximum of 18 LMP2 Cars 1.3.3 - There will be a Maximum of 26 GT3 Cars 1.3.4 - Admins will Invite ALL teams based on their performance in other CFS events
1.3.5 - In the event that there are free vacancies following invitations, admins MAY open the registration to the public.
1.4 - Reserve Teams 1.4.1 - Those teams who weren't accepted will be placed on the reserve list. 1.4.2 - Reserve teams will be arranged by their chosen class (P2/GT3 etc) 1.4.3 - Reserve teams will be contacted via Discord should a position in their chosen class become available, they will be given x2 days to reply, before the next team is contacted. 1.4.4 - Reserve teams can request a refund based on their participation throughout the season (Example: Entry fee £10, only takes part in 5/10 rounds, can request refund of £5) 1.6 - Event Times All Events will start with the below times Practice = 12:30 Hours (45m) Driver Briefing = 13:15 Hours (15m) Qualy = 13:30 Hours (40m)
Warmup = 14:10 Hours (5m) Race = 14:15 Hours (3-6 Hours depending) 1.7 - Track Conditions All events will have the following conditions - Have x1 Fuel Consumption - Have x1 Tire Wear - Have Mandatory Pit stop - Have a Manual Rolling Start - Have an incident limit of 10 (until first Drive Through) - Have weather set to Dynamic (will be based on real life without snow etc of course) - Have Flag rules ON (yellows/blues etc)
- Have Code 80's & Live Marshalling from start > finish. - Have cut track penalties ON - Have set times for Practice ,Qualy and the Race

1.8 - TeamSpeak
1.8.1 - All Drivers MUST be on TeamSpeak for the Race & Driver Briefing.
1.8.2 - All drivers must be in their respective team channel for the event. 1.8.3 - Spying on other team channels is prohibited and will be considered cheating.
1.8.4 - All drivers must follow instructions given by Race control (See 7.0 for Code 80 instructions and others) 1.8.5 - All drivers must ensure they connect to the server using their REAL NAMES, matching their registration forms. 1.8.6 - Server details can be found on Discord in the WSCC channels

3.0 - Qualifying Procedure

3.1 - Qualifying will be 40 Minutes long prior to the race. This session will be split into x2 20m session for each class. GT3's will be allowed onto the circuit for the first 20min, with LMP2's being given the remaining time. 3.2 - Teams must ELECT ONE driver to Qualify for them. 3.3 - The driver that has qualified for the team MUST start the race. 3.4 - Other teams mates are NOT permitted to join the server while Qualifying is in effect to avoid high ping/s. 3.5 - If you cut the circuit and gain time, you must surrender this time to avoid being given a penalty. Alternatively you can set a faster lap than the one that involved the cut to avoid a penalty. 3.6 - Those not on a flying lap must ensure they stay off the racing line to minimise the impact on others lap times.
3.7 - Blocking or refusal to abide by rule 3.6 will result in a Drive Through at the start of the event.

4.0 - Race

Warm Up Lap
4.1.0 - The race will begin from a standing start, with the warm-up lap being conducted MANUALLY
4.1.1 - The driver who has Qualified MUST start the race for the respective team. They will have 60 seconds to GRID their vehicle before the MANUAL rolling lap begins. 4.1.2 - The warm up lap will be conducted MANUALLY, with the leader of each class controlling the race start. 4.1.3 - All drivers are expected to remain at a reasonable pace during the warm up lap, those accelerating ahead may be penalised if they gain an unfair advantage. 4.1.4 - During the warm up lap, all Drivers MUST remain BEHIND the car ahead of them, remaining in a two wide formation at all times. 4.1.5 - Near the end of the warm up lap, GT3 cars are required to fall back from the LMP2 field, leaving a gap of approximately 5-10 seconds. 4.1.6 - All Teams are to IGNORE the green flag announced by the game. 4.1.7 - The Race will begin when the field enters the start/finish straight with race control announcing the start with the words "Green Green Green" via Teamspeak 4.1.8 - If any drivers begin to accelerate before this time, then they shall receive a drive through penalty 4.1.9 - Drivers should not apply the brakes suddenly in an attempt gain temperature. Those who do so and cause a collision on the warm up lap will be penalised for reckless behaviour. 4.1.10 - Drivers are reminded that you cannot win the race on the first lap and therefore should take necessary precautions when gaining ground at the early stages. Those who fail to show competence and common sense may be removed from the championship. Race 4.2.1 - Drivers are expected to remain "calm" in the first few laps of the race to avoid unecessary collisions/DNF's. 4.2.2 - Any incidents/Collisions that occur on Lap 1 will be harshly penalised. 4.2.3 - Once the race is underway drivers must be aware of their surroudings at all times while in charge of a car. 4.2.4 - Teams must complete the race distance under their own power. Teams who cannot return to the pits by themselves are considered DNF. 4.2.5 - Teams who suffer extensive damage will be required to pit for repairs to avoid posing a risk to other Teams. 4.2.6 - If a large accident occurs, Code 80 will come into affect, with messages being posted on Discord & via Teamspeak (see 7.0 for further details) 4.2.7 - Drivers are not permitted to type in chat when on the server to avoid distracting other drivers. Restarts 4.3.1 - Restarts may occur in order to: - Allow disconnected teams to rejoin (if a large quantity have dropped) - Allow the server to reboot after suffering a malfunction 4.3.2 - Once the race has begun without issue, it will not be restarted. 4.3.3 - If the Server crashes before the chequered flag is flown, points will be awarded to the teams based on their position at the time of the server failure. Spectators 4.4.1- Spectating is forbidden while the race is underway, please use our youtube channel to view the race. 4.4.2 - If you are conducting a driver change, please do so within a 5 Minute window. 4.4.3 - Drivers who sit in the server spectating will be kicked, and may find themselves unable to rejoin to help finish the event.

5.0 - Driver Stints + Pit Stops

Driver Stints 5.1 - Each team is required to have a minimum of TWO drivers take part in each race. 5.2 - Each team is required to have NO MORE than THREE drivers take part in each race. 5.3 - Each driver is required to contribute to 20% of the race distance for the team. 5.4 - Once a driver steps into the car, they must meet regulation 5.3 (This rule applies to both classes) 5.4 - If you have 3 drivers, but only two drive in a particular race, then you wont be penalised, only drivers who GET IN the car are counted towards the required % in 5.3. 5.5 - Once 5.1 5.2 and 5.3 have been satisfied, there are no limitations on the driver stints. Pit Entry/Exit 5.6 - When entering or exiting the pits, drivers must NOT exceed or go over the SOLID white lines, Those seen doing so may find themselves being issued a drive through penalty. 5.7 - When driving in the pit lane, drivers are required to only use the higher lane (if the track provides one) after they have reached top speed. 5.8 - Under no circumstances are teams to block another competitor from carrying out their pit stop.

6.0 - Track Limits

6.0 - Track limits are set to ON, therefore, the circuit will typically define circuit limits, however, in certain circumstances, race control may deem that an advantage is being gained unfairly, with the below being applied as to whether or not an advantage is being gained.
6.1 - Do NOT exceed the track limits or Cut any part of the circuit, with the intention to gain time unfairly against another competitor (the track limit is defined by the outer white lines of the circuit as well as the cut track system built into the sim)
6.2 - A car is considered off limits when they have all four (4) wheels outside the Solid white lines. (Pictures below as example) 6.3 - If there are any exceptions to rule 6.1, it shall be highlighted in the driver briefing prior to the event. 6.4 - It is deemed acceptable for a car to exceed track limits if they are avoiding an accident. 6.5 - During Qualifying, if a driver exceeds track limits, they must surrender the time immediately. If they continue to complete the lap without doing so, a drive through penalty will be issued at the start of the race. 6.6 - The only way to have this penalty removed, will be to post a faster lap time within the track limits during the session. 6.7 - During the Race, teams will receive warnings relating to track limits. If the team fails to comply they shall receive a penalty.
6.8 - All messages/penalties/warnings are issued via Discord and TeamSpeak

7.0 - Behaviour/Driver Responsibility

General Behaviour 7.1.1 - It is the Responsibility of the driver to behave in a courteous and acceptable manner at all times when on and off track. Intimidation, trash talking or insults will not be tolerated on any level and may lead to the team being removed from the community 7.1.2 - Any form of cheating will result in a community ban. 7.1.3 - If a team is applying, they are responsible for the behaviour of their drivers both on and off track. If a driver within the team cheats, is disrespectful or breaches CFS rules, the team will be penalised. (each case is reviewed, the nature of what has happened will determine the outcome) 7.1.4 - Drivers and teams are expected to practice and prepare for upcoming events. A consistent failure to do so may result in the teams removal from the championship. 7.1.5 - If a team is not going to attend, they are expected to relay this information onto the admin team in writing in good time. Failure to do so may result in being black listed. 7.1.6 - CFS maintains the right to remove any team/driver from its championships/events provided their is sufficient evidence to support their conduct does not meet CFS standards. Track Behaviour 7.2.1 - Do NOT block the track, or position your vehicle with the intention to cause another competitor to Lose time, have an accident or Collide with your own vehicle or another object. 7.2.2 - When rejoining the circuit after an accident, it is the responsibility of that driver to ensure that they do so without impeding or causing another competitor (Whether they are rejoining or not) to lose time, have an accident or collide with another vehicle or object. 7.2.3 - When defending a position, competitors are restricted to making ONE Defensive maneuver in order to defend that position. Any Competitor who Blocks in an unsportsmanlike manner is open to investigation. 7.2.4 - When defending a position, the Defender must make his intentions clear. Defenders who force another vehicle off track (as a result of defending “too late”) will find themselves under investigation 7.2.5 - When attacking or overtaking, the vehicle must be alongside in order to have "the right" to be there. Typically an acceptable position would be to have the nose of the car up to the defenders drivers door. It is on the attacker to ensure that they pass cleanly provided the defender has complied with 7.2.3 & 7.2.4.
Behaviour When Under Flags Yellow Flag 7.3.1 - Local yellows will be in effect on race day alongside Code 80's 7.3.2 - When the local yellow flag is displayed (Typically for a corner/sector), all vehicles must reduce their speed until they have safely passed the incident. No Overtaking is permitted during the Yellow flag regardless of class. 7.3.3 - If a further incident occurs during a Yellow sector, they will come under review by race control. 7.3.4 - If the incident is of significant size, a code 80 will be issued by race control. 7.3.5 - In the event of a Code 80, a countdown from "Ten" (10) will be announced by race control on TeamSpeak. Once Race control States "Code 80 in effect", all competitors must apply their pit limiters immediately. 7.3.6 - Once the incident has been cleared, race control will count down from "Ten" (10), before stating "Green Green Green". Only on the call of Green x3 can competitors come off the pit limiter and return to racing pace. 7.3.7 - Example of Code 80 Communications:
- Code 80 announced - "Code 80 in 3, 2, 1, Code 80 in Effect" - Back to Racing - "Standby for Green in 3, 2, 1, Green Green Green"
7.3.8 - Failure to adhere to the above will result in harsh penalties. 7.3.9 - If you have been involved in the incident that caused the code 80, you must still return to the pit lane on the pit limiter.
7.3.10 - further rules & conditions, such as what CAN and CANNOT be done while under code 80 conditions can be viewed @ Blue Flag 7.4.1 - Blue flags MUST be obeyed by all cars whether in the same class or not. 7.4.2 - when the blue flag is displayed drivers must prepare to concede the position in a safe manner. 7.4.3 - Drivers are expected to remain “predictable” when conceding their position and should remain on the racing line as much as possible to allow the faster car to judge their overtake easily. 7.4.4 - If you are battling with someone on the same lap as you when the blue flag is displayed, you may continue to battle for a period of 1 lap before being required to concede to the car behind causing the blue flag. 7.4.5 - Should a car fail to concede their position while under a blue flag (and without good reason) then they shall receive a drive through penalty 7.4.6 - Definition of a Battle: So close to the next competitive car ahead that an overtake is possible.

Race Pace
7.5.1 - All competitors are expected to practice for ALL events of the championship. 7.5.2 - When out on circuit, all competitors must meet a target race pace of 104% from the leader in class.
Leaders Race Pace = 2 minutes = 120s Divided by 100% = 1.2, 1.2 x 104% = 124.8 divided by 60 = 2m 08s - 2m 08s is the slowest a team can race without being reviewed. 7.5.3 - The purpose of this regulation is to ensure that teams practice for the events, as well as promoting closer competition within the series for a better experience. 7.5.4 - Those who fail to meet the 104% regulation will have their position in the series reviewed.

2.0 - Driver Briefing

2.1 - Before the start of Qualifying, all teams must have a minimum of x1 driver in the "Briefing Room" channel on Teamspeak. (Details found on discord) 2.2 - During the driver briefing drivers are expected to not "Talk over" or interupt the organisers unless invited to do so. 2.3 - Drivers are are free to ask questions once the organisers have completed the driver briefing, or unless promted to ask questions after a certain topic. 2.4 - It is mandatory for the driver starting the race to be present during the driver briefing.
2.5 - A failure to adhere to comments made during the briefing may lead to sanctions being applied to the team.

9.0 Points

9.1 - The points will be structured to compensate for less experienced drivers, while offering big points to those at the front of the grid. Unlike most championships in real life. CFS will offer points to those who finish lower than 10th place. This will promote battles further down the order. 9.2 - Points will be awarded at the 3 Hour mark, as well as the 6 Hour mark of Each event (This means that 6 Hour events will received double points, with points being awarded at the 3 hour mark, and then at the chequered flag) 9.3 - Points Table 1st: 25 points 2nd: 22 points 3rd: 20 points 4th: 18 points 5th: 16 points 6th: 14 points 7th: 12 points 8th: 10 points 9th: 08 points 10th: 6 points 11th: 5 points 12th: 4 points 13th: 3 points 14th: 2 points 15th: 1 point 9.4 - CFS holds the right to deduct points at any point during the championship provided there are grounds to suggest a team has broken our rules & regulations. 9.5 - After each event a race de-brief will be constructed and posted on our website @ . This de-brief will include the race results, along with a link that will take viewers to the standings table. 9.6 - should a viewer notice an error, or wish to discuss their position on the leaderboard/standings, they should contact a member of the CFS team via Email, or on Discord.

8.0 - Penalties

8.1 - Live marshalling will be in effect during all of our events, in the event that live marshalling is not available, all incidents will be reviewed post race. 8.2 - Should a team receive a penalty/warning, they will be notified on TeamSpeak & Discord in the relevant chat channel. 8.3 - The team will have x3 laps to perform the penalty or face being disqualified from the event. 8.4 - Each incident is reviewed from several angles, with the outcome being final 8.5 - If the GAME issues your team a penalty, please contact the race director to have it removed. Penalties caused by excessive abuse of track limits will NOT be removed. (penalty will only be removed if deemed unfair by race control) 8.6 - Incidents must be reported to race control during event itself, Reports received after the race may be rejected depending on the circumstances. 8.7 - Examples of penalties - Warning (typically for exceeding track limits) - Drive through (for various reasons) - Stop & Go Penalty - Race ban - Championship Ban - Full Ban

10 - Terms and Conditions (Entry Fee + More) *NEW*

Chequered Flag simsports Group Terms of Competition The scope of the Terms of Competition (the Terms) applies to all series organised by Chequered Flag Simsports (the League). The Terms are designed to sit alongside, but remain separate, from the regulations of the series. Failure to adhere to the Terms may result in sanctions being applied to the competitor in line with section 7 of the Terms. 1 - Series Registration 1.1 - Before submitting an application, competitors must ensure they are familiar with the Regulations for the series they wish to enter. 1.2 - All competitors must register for their selected series through the League website using the application form provided. Incomplete forms or forms completed incorrectly may not be accepted by the League Admins. 1.3 - Where applicable, any entry fees are required to be paid in full before the application is accepted. The requirements for entry fees are set out in section 4 of the Terms. 1.4 - Where additional paid content is required for the series, it is the competitor’s responsibility to obtain them before the series commences. 1.5 - If the application requires amending or withdrawing, the competitor must inform the League Admins as soon as feasibly possible. 2 - Series Attendance 2.1 - All competitors are required to attend at least 80% of all organised rounds of the selected series. This is known as the Minimum Required Attendance (MRA). 2.2 - Failure to attend the MRA, without good reason, may result in sanctions being applied in accordance with section 7 of the Terms. 2.3 - If the competitor is unable to attend a round of the entered series, they must inform the League Admins as soon as feasibly possible and inform them of the reason. 2.4 - If no notification is given to the League Admins or no reason is given for an absence, this will be marked as an unauthorised absence for the competitor. 2.5 - If a competitor has more than 2 absences in a row without good reason, the League Admins may, at their discretion, remove the competitor from the series and open the place to a reserve competitor. 3 - Reserve Competitors 3.1 - Once all places in the selected series have been filled a competitor will be placed on the reserve list. 3.2 - Reserve entries are not guaranteed to be able to compete in any round of the series and entries are subject to the withdrawal of competitors who have confirmed placement in the series. 3.3 - Reserve entries will be informed of an available placement no less than 24 hours before an event is scheduled to take place. 3.4 - A reserve entry is required to confirm they are able to attend by messaging a League Admin before they are permitted to attend. 3.5 - Reserve Competitors are still bound by the Terms, the series Regulations and appropriate sanctions. 4 - Entry Fees 4.1 - Series registration may be subject to an entry fee. The entry fee is designed to promote attendance. 4.2 - The entry fee will be set by the League Admins and will be noted on the application form. 4.3 - Full payment of the entry fee is required before entries are confirmed. 4.4 - The entry fee must be paid via PayPal to the following account: 4.5 - The competitor is entitled to a refund on the entry fee if they withdraw from the series and inform the League Admins no later than 24 hours before the first event of the series. 4.6 - Once the first round of the series has concluded, entry fees are made non-refundable. Refunds may still be given at the discretion of the League Admins. 4.7 - Reserve competitors are required to pay the entry fee however their entry fee will be refunded at the series conclusion minus an amount proportional to the percentage of rounds competed in. 4.8 - Competitors subject to sanctions may not have entry fees refunded under any circumstance and decision to refund is subject to League Admin discretion. 4.9 - Entry fees will not be used for the financial gain of any individual within the League and all funds will be used for improving the service offer for future competitions. 5 - Obligations 5.1 - Competitors are obliged to act with integrity, honesty and respect to League Admins and other competitors. 5.2 - Behaviour deemed to be abusive, racist, homophobic, threatening or otherwise not respectful will result in sanctions applied to the competitor as outlined in section 7 of the Terms. 5.3 - When registering for a series, a competitor is agreeing to attend all scheduled rounds and perform and comply with the regulations to the best of their ability. Failure to do this will result in sanctions applied. 5.4 - Competitors are obliged to maintain a high level of timekeeping. Late arrival to driver briefings or events without good reason may result in disqualification from the event and multiple infringements will result in further sanctions. 6 - League Admin Rights 6.1 - The League Admins reserve the rights to cancel events at their discretion. All competitors will be informed of cancellations via the Discord channel as soon as feasibly possible. 6.2 - League Admins reserve the right to remove competitors from competitions or the League should they deem it necessary. 6.3 - The League Admins reserve the right to withhold any entry fees providing there is good reason for doing so. 7 - Sanctions 7.1 - The League Admins may apply sanctions to competitors found to be in breach of the Terms or series regulations. These include, but are not limited to; Unofficial Warnings

  • Official Warnings
  • Race Bans
  • Series Bans
  • Temporary Bans
  • Permanent Bans
7.2 - The League Admins will inform any competitors of the sanctions before they come into effect. 7.3 - The competitor has the right to appeal the decision made by the League Admin but the League Admin is not obliged to reconsider the sanction. 7.4 - The League Admins reserve the right to apply any sanction they deem necessary, meaning no sanction is required before escalating to a higher sanction. Any questions or concerns regarding these terms and conditions should be directed to David Buckley of Chequered Flag Simsports via email ( or via Discord (@David Buckley#4230).

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