world sportscar challenge

The World Sports Car Challenge is our flagship series. Introduced in November 2017, it was Chequered Flag Simsports first attempt to establish a beachhead in the Rfactor2 community. As with the Raceroom Endurance Series, the WSCC focused on our core passion for endurance racing. This allowed teams of 2-3 drivers to choose from either lmp2/GT3 cars. The series quickly attracted several competitive teams from across the globe, with good wheel-to-wheel action across both fields at each event. The goal was/is to provide an alternative to "VEC", catering for less experienced teams while also providing a high standard of quality of management and track conditions.


The championship typically visits classic circuits such as Daytona, Silverstone, Spa, Sebring and more, with each event lasting from 3-6 hours in length. Teams are invited to partake in the series based on their performance in our one-off events that take place between April - October of each year, making it a privilege for many.


The championship is also covered with live streams via the CFS youtube channel as well as benefiting from several social media posts and website updates.



- Sim: Rfactor2

- Multiclass racing (LMP2 + GT3 / official content)

- Endurance racing (3-6 hour events) - official circuits when able

- Team tactics (2-3 drivers per team)

- Live streams

- Social media and website posts

- Dedicated servers

- Live marshalling & Code 80's

- Dedicated Discord channel for security

- Teamspeak server for team Comms

- Driver interviews + briefings


Previous Championships


Season 1 -  november 2017 - april 2018



1st - # 285 Max Grip Endurance Team (Daniel Potor, balazs varro)

2nd - # 13 Rapid Racing (Michal nizio, Kamil anikiej)

3rd - # 55 Fair racing team (rick van de velden, Cliff van de vin)



1st - # 23 Team RSI (daniel vidimari, allesio feletto)

2nd - # 07 Poland sim racing (gregorz bulat, adam karkuszewski)

3rd - # 77 Martini racing team (claudio barrera, victor iruela, juan roguez)


Season 2 - November 2018 - April 2019



1st - #44 Reborn Racers

2nd - #41 Fair Racing Team Limburg

3rd - #69 Hansa Racing



1st - #88 Secora Racing

2nd - #2 Team RSI

3rd - #13 Rapid Racing


improvements for season 2

- Changed from Saturdays > Sundays to avoid clashing with other leagues

- Changed to official Studio 397 dlc content

- Split qualifying

- More dx11/high quality circuits

Season 3 - November 2019 - April 2020

LMP2 (Prototype Class)
1st Place - #90 HYDR Racing
2nd Place - #74 Seawolf NetRace Motorsport
3rd Place - #33 Rookie Monsters

GT Class (GT3)
1st Place - #68 Drive Game Seat Racing Team
2nd Place - #43 Simco Endurance Team
3rd Place - #97 GOTeam Racing

Improvements for Season 3
- Prototype changed to invitational class (For safety & close competition)
- Teamspeak 3 server introduced
- Live race control & Code80's in effect