The Trofeo Sprint Cup by CFS is our debut championship on the platform of ACC. After a successful test race in 2020, CFS is expanding into ACC as it provides a reliable, hastle free way of hosting awesome events and championships. Starting off small before going full out, the Trofeo Sprint Cup is a good way of testing & learning more about the platform before dedicating further resources to a full endurance title.

What better way to introduce ourselves to the community, as the Lamborghini Super Trofeo provides a great experience for any racer. With less aerodynamics than a GT3 car, less grip from the tyres all the while visiting classic locations, this provides CFS and her community the perfect opportunity to experience proper sprint racing.

As well as providing hosting abilities, CFS also provides live streams, Race control, Code 80's and revised and tested rules & regulations from years of experience both on & off the track. What more is there that you could want from a series such as this? I thought not.

See you on the grey stuff!