Streaming Service

Terms of Service


By using the CFS Streaming Service and website you agree to the following terms of use.

1 - General Terms


1.1 - All queries or complaints regarding the products and/ or services promoted on the website must be directed to the CFS via email @ chequeredflagsimsports@outlook.com

1.2 - We will endeavour to ensure respond to your complaint within 5 working days via email.


2 - Data Protection


2.1 - CFS will process all data in line with its Data Protection Policy.


2.2 - Some data, such as a name or email address, may be required for certain actions on the website, such as booking an event. Failure to provide this information would mean CFS could not provide a service to you.

2.3 - Data held by CFS will be destroyed after a period of 2 years, unless circumstances described in the Data Protections Policy are met.


2.4 - CFS will not sell your data to any other party, nor give your data to any party not associated with providing a service to you.


2.5 - CFS will not hold any payment information, such as credit/debit card details, and will not ask for payment from you in any form unless you have requested a Booking/Service.


3 - Contact


3.1 - CFS will only contact you in line with the service you have requested. This may included & is not limited to, us asking for clarification, further details of your event, confirming your order, sending your booking invoice.

3.2 - Should CFS contact you, it will be related to any Bookings made by yourself, with contact ceasing thereafter.


3.3 - Should you not wish to receive communications from CFS you must communicate this in writing to us via the contact information given on the website or in CFS communications.

4 - Streaming Service

4.1 - CFS holds the right to the content streamed on its channels, including and not limited to, any promotional content relating to the services it provides, as well as the events it covers as part of the service.

4.2 - CFS is not responsible for any copyright infringments caused by third party content and, holds the right to refuse such content if it will result in external "interest".

4.3 - CFS holds the right to refuse service if it believes the booking will cause damage to Chequered Flag Simsports & its various outlets.

4.4 - CFS Commentators are permitted to take 5 minute refreshment breaks every 2 hours and, counts towards time used by the customer. Customers should expect commercials to be run during this time.

4.5 - With the exception of existing bookings, CFS holds the right to change the price of services at any time, including and not limited to, special offers, discounts & Bulk orders.

4.6 - With the exception of existing bookings, CFS holds the right to change the services provided to customers at any time.

5 - Refund/Cancelation Policy

5.1 - Any Cancelation/Refund request must be made in writing via email to "chequeredflagsimsports@outlook.com" no later than 72 hours before the event is due to take place.

5.2 - Any Amendmants to the event, such as Date, Time or Length, must be communicated no later than 72 hours before the event via email to "chequeredflagsimsports@outlook.com".

5.3 - A failure to notify CFS of any amendmants/Cancelation within the specified time will not be eligable for a refund.

5.4 - If CFS is unable to stream the event due to a technical problem, then the customer will be given a choice to either receive a voucher for a future booking, or be eligible for a full refund.

5.5 - If the service is cut short due to a technical problem and, depending on the % of the event covered, the customer will be eligable to a voucher for a future booking, or a partial refund.

5.6 - CFS Holds the right to cancel any booking if it believes the booking will cause damage to Chequered Flag Simsports & its various outlets. Refunds will be provided in full.

6 - Complaint Policy

6.1 - If a customer is not happy with the service CFS provided, then our team will be more than happy to discuss any concerns to try and get things back on track once again. We pride ourselves on our customer care and want you to have a pleasant experience from start to finish.

6.2 - We ask for any complaints about the service to be sent by email to "chequeredflagsimsports@outlook.com"

6.3 - CFS will endevour to address the customers concerns to improve their experience provided it is covered by the services CFS provides.

6.4 - If CFS cannot resolve the problem after talks with the customer, then they will be invited to provide feedback & are welcome to suggest ways in which future incidents can be avoided.