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Terms of Service


By using the CFS Store and website you agree to the following terms of use.

1 - General Terms


1.1 - The products and/ or services promoted on the CFS Store (“the Store”) are not owned by Chequered Flag Simsports (“CFS”). CFS hold no stock and do not take responsibility for the quality of the products, the services offered by affiliates or the customer service processes of affiliates.


1.2 - Prices charged for products and/ or services, including, but not limited to, discounts and special offers, promoted on the Store are not under the control of CFS and CFS holds no liability for said prices.


1.3 - All queries or complaints regarding the products and/ or services promoted on the Store must be directed to the affiliate offering the product and/ or service.


1.4 - We will endeavour to ensure any affiliates promoted on the Store comply with our quality assurance process and CFS will take any action deemed necessary should the affiliate be found to not meet this standard.


2 - Data Protection


2.1 - CFS will process all data in line with its Data Protection Policy.


2.2 - Some data, such as a name or email address, may be required for certain actions in the Store, such as signing up for newsletters. Failure to provide this information would mean CFS could not provide a service to you.


2.3 - Data held by CFS will be destroyed after a period of 2 years, unless circumstances described in the Data Protections Policy are met.


2.4 - CFS will not sell your data to any other party, nor give your data to any party not associated with providing a service to you.


2.5 - CFS will not hold any payment information, such as credit/debit card details, and will not ask for payment from you in any form.


3 - Contact


3.1 - CFS will not contact you unless given permission to do so, for example, by signing up to the newsletter. 


3.2 - Should CFS contact you, it will be related to the Store or other offerings promoted by CFS.


3.3 - Should you not wish to receive communications from CFS you must communicate this in writing to us via the contact information given on the Store or in CFS communications.