[CFS] Important Announcement [2021]

It is this time of year that we typically tell our members what events we have planned for the one-off event season, a flurry of large endurance events that vary in format to entertain the masses as much as possible.

Sadly, 2021 will not see any one-off events take place, nor will there be any further events hosted by CFS now that Season 4 of the WSCC has been concluded. There are a few reasons behind this decision, but primarily, some of the team members no longer find hosting as enjoyable as before and have expressed their desire to get back behind the wheel. Furthermore, I (Matt) am pushing towards my first year or racing in the real world which requires a large amount of time and dedication to accomplish, time I wont really have should we decide to continue in the current format.

I know there will be many members dissapointed with this news, but, given the reduction of staffing alongside my journey into racing, we believe it best to stop hosting events instead of struggling on with less manpower. This is to ensure that CFS is, or was, always seen as a league that provides high quality sim-racing, instead of the slow painful death that would ensue if I were to struggle alone.

We have had some special moments, and the comments so far from the members has been heartwarming to say the least. For now, however, we must put events aside as we push over new horizons. We do not know what the future holds, the future is forever changing and there may be a time that CFS hosts events again, but, for now, this is not the case. We would like to take this moment to thank everyone who joined us in our events over the years, it has been one incredible journey and cannot believe how fast it has grown. I hope you can all look back on these moments and smile and, be glad that it happened, instead of sad that it has come to an end.

Does this mean the end of CFS?

The CFS LMP2 in 2020, taking on the 24h Le Mans.

No. Though CFS will no longer host events as before, we will continue to carry the brand as before with our iRacing team, taking on more events to learn and expand on our own personal goals which has taken a backburner since expanding into the realm of rf2. We hope that we can return to winning form on iRacing, adding to our list of victories (maybe we can finally claim the 24h Daytona after coming 2nd 3 times!!). We also are going to investigate the world of ACC, more specifically the endurance side of things (what else did you expect)

The Mazda Rx8, coming along nicely ready for Brands Hatch GP

CFS will also post and publish the journey into motorsport with the "Road 2 RaceTrack" series and provide an in-depth view into the challenges one faces when entering this daunting sport. This will cover several angles from pre-race development, testing, training, preparation and the races themselves, all in the pursuit of entertainment. The website will be updated to reflect this, with episodes being posted on youtube as well as our social media links.

CFS, ready to bring you the action in a professional way!

On top of this, CFS will adapt its current model to provide commentary/streaming services to 3rd party leagues looking to have their events broadcasted. Given that our team has decreased in size, this approach will ease our current workoad considerably, allowing us to focus our resources on providing a high-quality service to the sim-racing world. Due to the ongoings in the real world, there is still much work to be done in this regard, including prices, terms & condition & website design. We will, as always, keep you all posted with further details as and when they become available. CFS will also keep & expand its store were possible, ensuring we provide our members plenty of options to improve their sim-racing experience. If we are able to expand in this regard, expect product reviews of items to make you life easier when it comes to choosing whats best for you. All videos to be posted on our Youtube channel and social media links as usual.

So, as you can see, there is still much work going on behind the scenes, it never seems to stop! CFS is entering an exciting time of its history and we hope that you stay with us on this journey. Please feel free to share your thoughts on our Discord channel about the future of CFS, we dont bite.


CFS Founder

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