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[ACC] CFS 6h Of Silverstone [GT3 & GT4]

Here at CFS we live for endurance racing, with a history stretching back 5 years we know what makes a good racing event! Thats why we invite you to partake in our new 6h silverstone event on ACC! With legendary corners such as Copse, Becketts & Luffield, immerse yourself in this classic British event in both GT3 & GT4 machines! Each car & class will offer something different, but what we are certain of is a great racing experience. Grab a friend and join the action and rule Silverstone! DETAILS: **NOTE** - this event is for drivers & teams with a modest degree of racing knowledge. (Racing etiquette & Track layout) *NOTE* - your performance may be monitored for the purposes of WSCC S4. Date: Saturday 5th September 2020 Times in BST: Practice: 13:00 BST (1 hour) Briefing: 14:00 BST (20 min) Qualy: 14:20 BST (30 min) Warmup: 14:50 BST (5 min) Race: 14:55 BST (6 hours) Classes: GT3: 18 Vacancies GT4: 18 Vacancies Total: 36 Slots Reserve Teams: If the grid becomes full, reserve teams can register up to a maximum of 6. Content required ACC: https://store.steampowered.com/app/805550/Assetto_Corsa_Competizione/ ACC GT4 Pack: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1337860/Assetto_Corsa_Competizione__GT4_Pack/ Entry Fee: NO Track conditions: Scripted, based on real weather forecast Teams: Drivers: 2 drivers per team. (Each driver MUST be behind the wheel for a MINIMUM of 2 hours) Driver Swap Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=db1fOkMv3do Briefing: Takes place on Teamspeak, details can be found on our Discord channel once you have registered. Code 80's: YES, Live marshalling available Live Stream & Commentary: Yes, from qualy > Race finish Rules & Regulations: General One-Off event rules & regulations apply for this event. Courtesy & respect between teams is expected on & off circuit. Other rules & regulations, including track limits & penalties etc can be found HERE Registration: Opens Saturday 8th August https://form.jotformeu.com/90724160643352 Please make your own custom skins via the editor for this event. We wish you the best of luck & look forward to seeing you on the grid. Regards CFS Admin team

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