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New - Racing Council (Help keep it clean)

A new racing council is being introduced here at CFS. In order to keep these events clean and fair, we are bringing in our new "Racing council". Experienced drivers can now help suppport their most loved racing organisation by helping us review incidents on track during our events, ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and equally when incidents occur.

So how does this work?

As always, CFS will have in place a race director (RD), who will call out code 80's review incidents and issue penalties as and when they ae required. The RD will also hold the right to disqualify people who pose a danger to others . This role will always belong to a person inside the CFS admin team and this person alone will communicate with teams on the grid, as well issue penalties.

What does the council do?

Racing is full of unique situations, sometimes the answer is clear, sometimes it is not. Sometimes things can get busy in race control and this can lead to shortcomings when decisions need to be made. The councils role will be to review incidents and come to a decisions based on the rules & regulations surrounding the event itself. The council will then report to the Race director with this report via Teamspeak, providing their verdict.

The race director will then review the incident, knowing he wont need to delve into the finer details before coming to a verdict themselves, which means they can focus on job at hand which is ensuring the track remains safe and clear for all.

This is how the real world works. Sadly, in the virtual world unless you have a huge team this is very had to upkeep, but with the help of our community, this could change for the better. So, who qualifies? You would need to have good relations with our team. What we mean by this is, we know who you are, we know you and your team are experienced racers and that you understand the fundementals of when is the right time to pass and the beautiful term we know as "racing etiquette". Wont this lead to biased decisions?

No, we will introduce a rotating system and rules in place that ensure that a council member cannot past a verdict on a car that they support or are part of. This will ensure that transparency and equality are kept in place. As well as all the reports being posted in the usual place on our discord channel for all to see and discuss if needed.

How will it run?

Those that apply will be reviewed by our admin team. If they pass this review they will then be provided a discord role of "Racing Council". Prior to each event a member of the admin team will post the "Stints" that are required, alongside with a time sheet to help bridge those gaps in case some members are looking to race themselves. Council members will then be provided a "Stint" that will be required to cover and for this period of time they will be on teamspeak alongside the RD and assist in the review of incidents that are posted on the marshalling channels. Other things you must have before applying are: - The ability to speak Good English (does not need to be your first language) - have a microphone for communication with RD. We are super excited to introduce this new feature and we hope that it will once again improve the already high standard that we aim to uphold in this community. If you wish to discuss this further, then please speak to one of the admin team on our discord at @ https://discord.gg/ucNBAxH Thanks for your time CFS Admin Team

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