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iRacing - 24h Le Mans & Team CFS

With everything that has happened so far in 2020 it would be easy for people wish the year to simply be over and done with. With the world in lockdown, restricted to their homes, people are turning to technology to ensure their sanity is preseved. E-sports & sim-racing has exploded with activity as we all try to get our racing fix, with the virtual 24h le mans taking place just last week on Rf2. Of course, CFS loves to race as well as host events, with iRacing providing us with the platform we need to sit back, relax and race till we drop.

This Saturday iRacing will be hosting the 24h Le Mans once more and CFS will be entering three cars to take on Circuit De La Sarthe! With a victory in 2019 in the HPD class, the car will make a return with new team colours to defend the crown in hopes we can once more prove that we have what it takes to claim the top spot back-to-back!

To accompany our HPD prototype, several new drivers have joined our ranks to allow x2 GTE Ferrari's to take to the grid under the CFS name. Practising relentlessly they are proving themselves to be dedicated to the teams efforts, ready for the challenge ahead as we prepare for all eventualities. Le Mans is a special place. Even in our virtual world, it's presence applies pressure like no other circuit can. As you stare down the mulsanne straight, you can almost imagine yourself about to take-off as the car reaches optimal speed. The braking zones challenge you to go that extra bit further each time as the barriers wait for you to make that one mistake that will cost you the crown. Push through the porsche curves if you dare, the tyres screaming as you fly through at breakneck speed. Just as you get used to the conditions, you are plunged into darkness, the circuit creating a new set of rules that you must adapt to to survive.

Those that find the perfect balance of speed and respect will be victorious, for it is those that try to obtain pure performance that ultimately attract the circuits wrath. One single mistake, one slip-up and your entire race could be over, everything you prepared for, your hopes of victory or even completing the race are gone in one foul swoop.

That is why Le Mans is so special. The speed is immense, the consequences equally as deadly. Having the pleasure of winning here myself, I can tell you that it is a feeling that will stay with you forever. Coming across the finish line you feel as though you're on top of the world. It is certainly a feeling that makes you give chase every opportunity you get. With that being said, let's go racing shall we?! Im sure you will join me in wishing our teams the best of luck in the upcoming challenge. If you are taking part yourselves, stay safe, stay consistent, maybe we will see you at the finish ;) Watch the live streams for each car as they go live at 13:00 GMT HPD LMP2 (Team Yellow) [M.Sanderson, M.Yoder, D.Nanba, B.Langeveld] https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPHly3PiaHFQtx9wrWMw-lw/live Ferrari GTE (Team Red) [P.Sharrock, B.Harza, M.Dyczkowski, P.Almeida] https://www.twitch.tv/themich4 Ferrari GTE (Team Yellow) [A.Kaipainen, J.McCabe, E.Ijere, D.Buckley] https://www.twitch.tv/davidbuckleycommentary Cheers Matt

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