CFS - New Season, New Identify [Roadmap 2020-2021]

Out with the old, in with the new. Say hello to the new and improved CFEG, now renamed Chequered Flag Simsports [CFS]. We are very excited to unveil our new logo, we personally think it looks much better than our previous one while staying relevant to who we are and where we have come from. Along with this new name change, we are happy to unveil this years events ready to go for this years season May 2020 - April 2021! Why the change?

In a changing world it is important to stay relevant. We found that our old name [CFEG] restricted what is accepted as a "typical event" from us. Though our focus will always be endurance racing, this new name allows us to relax & expand into the world of sprint racing without having to justify to ourselves why exactly we are doing it instead of some 12h event at Le Mans. We also believe this was the right time for a re-brand, Its been over 5 years since this community has been in existence and its changed several times during this window. Moving from Platform to Platform we seem to have found a home in our current format, so now seems like the perfect time to finalise "who we are" and "what we want" for our sim-racing community, coming with a re-brand and some new ideas too!

Now we have that out of the way, lets take a look at whats in store for the 2020-2021 season here at CFS. The "Big" one: CFS PTLM

PTLM will return once more for the third year in a row!

For those of you that know we have been hosting the PTLM for two years now. The event was a hit from the moment we opened up registration & we agreed from then on that we would keep doing so for as long as possible. This year will be no different, with the next CFS: PTLM event due to take place in June this year! Yes, that's right, Road Atlanta will once again see us lot strolling towards her narrow tarmac in hopes she won't kill us before we reach the chequered flag after 10 hours of racing.

The circuit is special in a unique way, with lap times coming in just over 1 minute! The traffic is so intense it makes the 12h Sebring look like a toddler in comparison. If the traffic wasn't bad enough, around 60% of the circuit is covered in high-speed corners, all designed to be taken by 1 car at a time with zero room to manouver or make an error. If you make a mistake, it's game over, no second chance as the barriers wait for you, ready to deny you victory. This is a real endurance circuit, pure speed, concentration, changing conditions & downright stupid levels of traffic management. This is not for the faint hearted or inexperienced. Still feel like you can take her on? Choose from 3 car classes from LMP2, GTE & GTC [Flat 6] and get ready for an intense battle between man and machine (virtual machine that is) Registration will open in Mid-Late MAY, so stay tuned.

What's new? One-Off Events

Conquer the Australian Mountain in GT3 Machines here at CFS!

After PTLM is out of the way, safely secured in our history books we shall challenge you to conquer the hills of Australia in our 4h of Bathurst event. Taking GT3 machines to this deadly mountain will certainly send shivers down your spine as you climb and descend at breakneck speed! The event will start during the night and move into the daytime similar to what happens in real life, however, this time YOU can be in the driving seat. Similar to Road Atlanta, you won't get a chance to breathe as you wrestle the car away from high concrete walls on either side. Registration will open ONE MONTH before the race is due to take place (Pretty much right after PTLM). See you there!

Two Front wheel Frenzy events will take place during the off season!

After our journey to Bathurst we start to move away from endurance racing and enjoy a much more simply life. The type of events taking place will certainly be more compact, single class, one off events. Designed to give you a quick fix in these strange times. We want to offer you a variety of different cars & circuits to drive to make your experience a dynamic one. This season we are taking the TCR 2018 machines to both Donington National & Brands Hatch Indy to provide some proper British Motorsport fun! The first event will take place on 9th August, with the date from Brands Hatch TBC at present.

Watching ACC like a hawk for that exciting new content!

ACC is also on our watch list. With the developers promising us 10 GT4 cars alongside several UK circuits to replicate the British GT championship. With almost all of the admin team residing inside the UK, we could not resist hosting an event on this platform to see what its all about. The GT4's are expected to be released in June which will fit in perfectly with our calendar to bring you a classic British GT race format with the 2h of Silverstone! Stay tuned for more information in this front! Race Of Champions: Prove you are the best in our community by taking part in our Race of Champions event on Rf2! We will be opening up our second server so you can have a go at scoring that ultimate time trial score! The top runners will be invited to compete in several heats until the winner is crowned! What? Don't you want to know how quick you are?

Sadly, there is only so much time available before we must begin to focus once more on the championship season. If you like what you see and want to get in on the action, I suggest you watch this space and become a member of our site to ensure you get those all important emails!

Championships: WSCC S4

There is still plenty of time to go until we reach the 2020 championships here at CFS but this does not mean we haven't thought about them. As usual you can expect the WSCC to make a return with several changes in place to ensure the racing is closer, fairer and just overall a much more pleasant experience for you and your teams. - Better circuits - We experienced some issues in S3 when it came to circuits. Modded content can be hit and miss at the best of times, however, we do know several circuits that are reliable and entertaining. We shall we looking to return to some of the more iconic locations from previous seasons such as Portimao, Watkins Glen & Mid Ohio! - ALL teams will be invited to partake in the series - We saw that some GT teams were far off the pace despite our 104% rule being in place. Some sadly caused problems for some of our teams. The competitiveness of the series as a whole is important to us and for this reason all Teams in both categories will be invited to partake, ensuring you know that those racing have proven themselves to be competent on circuit in our events or elsewhere. - Team restrictions - No more 6 car entries allowed. This year we want the grid to be available to as many teams as possible, meaning a maximum of 3 cars per team which will hopefully create a much more colorful grid. - Better Overlays - We want to make our viewers and fans feel comfortable when watching our events. That's why we are looking to modify and improve on Rf2's new inbuilt overlay before the end of the year, we hope that its completed and fully released by this time. ACC - GT Masters

The GT Masters series has quietly been gathering dust after S1 was concluded on Raceroom around 2 years ago. The series allowed drivers to choose from GT3 & GT4 cars around some great locations to prove who was the best at, you guessed it, GT driving.

With recent news and announcements coming out of Kunos Simulazioni it is clear that something big is about to be released. We have been watching closely the news regarding the upcoming GT4 & British Circuit DLC which will provide us with the basis to host a championship series that is truly close to our hearts. Replicating the British GT championship CFS hope to give drivers the opportunity to experience the UK countryside in some of the best GT machinery in the world (well, the virtual one anyway). We will keep you all posted on any news & updates we may have, with testing going on in the background to ensure we have everything ready to go when the time comes. *NOTE* - this series MAY replace the RF2 F3 series and run in between the WSCC rounds depending on availability. More information will be released closer to the championship season.

Other Improvements: - Streamlining: We are making everything as simply as possible. As things grew so quickly we never really had time to make things "perfect" Information was duplicated unnecessarily and sometimes confusing. Therefore, we have removed our Forum completely, with all information regarding events (dates / required content etc) being located either on our NEWS page, or on discord (which will now act as our forum)

Leave us some feedback, whenever you want.

- Reviews: You can now leave reviews/feedback on our website whenever you have something to tell us! The opinions of our community are important to us and we want to hear what you have to say. Good or Bad, tell us what it is that makes CFS a great place to be, or what we can do to improve it! - Archives: Previous championships can now be found under the "ARCHIVES" button on our website, meaning that past champions will always have a home here on our site. (We will only keep up to the last 5 years of racing information/Results)

- Phone Compatibility: The amount of times we are told "site doesn't work on phone", "Your website is rubbish on my mobile", "oh will someone please fix this stupid site"....well, you get the idea. You will be happy to know that large steps have been taken to make our website more user friendly to those using a portable device. (we hope :S) - Live Streams: Our admin team has always tried to provide a professional service when it comes to streaming & commentating. Though the feedback we receive is always positive we are still trying to find ways to take it to the next level. Moving forward, CFS hopes to introduce new overlays to better immerse the viewer for a much more enjoyable, entertaining experience while also ensuring streams are stable with minimal lag. - Sponsors: We are looking to engage with several companies with interest in the sim-racing world. We hope that we can find someone who shares our passion for sim-racing so that together we can offer something truly unique to our competitors. Of course, this is subject to any agreements we make, but we hope it can lead to great things should we be so lucky as to find that golden sponsor. Summary It's going to be a very busy year for us here at CFS. We anticipate that we will break the 1000 member barrier before the end of the season while offering you, our community, the best possible racing experience we can. We are a small team, we may have limitations, but we do things to the best of our ability. So if you like sim racing and if you take it seriously, you should stick around. You might just enjoy yourself. Thanks for reading and let's look forward to some epic racing this season! Bring it on! Regards CFS Admin Team

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