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Rfactor2 - WSCC - Fight for the championship!

Last Sunday the teams and drivers of the World Sports Car Challenge took to Circuit de la Sarthe to conclude their championship positions! Both titles were up for grabs, with just 13 points or less separating both the prototype and GT category. As the tensions rose, teams knew they had to perform to claim as many as those remaining points possible before the chequered flag was flown for the final time! With everything that happened, it is sadly impossible for us to cover everything that took place in this round. Therefore, this article will focus more on the battle for the championship titles themselves and how over the 6 hours of racing it changed from ones teams favor, to the other. Don't forget you can watch the race on our YT channel @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unl6MRPfvjQ The Prototype Battle

The grid prepares for the 6h of Le Mans!

With a long task ahead of them, the grid prepared for the start. The front row was occupied by the #07 GOTeam racing LMP2, with the #74 Seawolf Netrace Motorsport car alongside. For our championship leaders HYDR, they would settle in P3, and the #33 Rookie Monster car would start behind them, setting the tone for the start.

The event started without a hitch, teams in the top positions remaining pretty much where they had qualified as they settled for the long run. The top 3 cars, including HYDR, began to pull away from the rest of the field, the #33 Rookie monster car was stuck behind the #66 Esports Performance machine, around 2 seconds behind the leaders.

HYDR enter Pitlane to serve their Drive-through as they catch up to the leader!

As the tires warmed up HYDR decided to apply pressure early on. They would decide to occupy second place after overtaking the #74 Seawolf Netrace on the Mulssane straight before attacking the leading #07 GOTeam machine. Lap after lap they utilized the slipstream to gain ground. As both cars approached the pit entry they went side-by-side for the front! Then, disaster would strike as the HYDR Racing machine entered Pit lane for a Drive-through penalty early on in the race.

The title contenders, the #33, would overtake while HYDR was inside the pit-lane and occupy P4, while HYDR would emerge in P12! Knowing that this was the time to attack, the #33 pushed hard to catch the front runners. As they entered the third stint, they would be in the prime position to obtain more points before the they reached the 3h mark when the first round of points would be awarded.

#74 & #33 Go side-by-side on the run down to Indy!

Occupying P2 was the #74 Seawolf Netrace car. They had been driving a brilliant thus far and were on track to hold off their rivals who threatened to steal P3 in the standings. Despite their strong pace, M.Rekus has other ideas about their ambitions and wanted to ensure they closed the gap before the 3h mark. M.Rekus sliced through GT traffic, gaining lap after lap until he was in the prime position to make his move. On the run down to Indianapolis, he went onto the outside line for 2nd place. The #74 hugged the inside line, hoping to deny the #33 the preferred entry point before they had to slam on the anchors. However, showing his determination to win M.Rekus threw it into the corner at full speed, forcing the #74 to eat the kerb in order to survive. A risky move, but one well worth taking given what could be achieved.

F1 Bros Racing unable to hold off the Charging R.Macduff for P5

Behind in P6 was R.Macduff as HYDR racing started to recover from their earlier Drive-through. Their laps times had been falling as the circuit conditions improved which meant they could really push with confidence to ensure they could fight back. F1 Bros racing was just two of the prototype cars left that separated them and the chance of getting back in the front seat of the race, and so they passed on the straight towards Indy to ensure their position was strong.

A spin from the leading #33 Rookie Monster Prototype at Indy

Both cars started to push, they knew that everything had to be put on the line to secure the title. Knowing that HYDR ran into problems, the #33 knew that they needed to extend the gap on track in order to close the gap in the standings. Le Mans is a unique circuit when it comes to quick lap times. It is like balancing on a tight rope, with the smallest mistake resulting in the largest of consequences. As they led the race for the first time, the #33 would discover this the hard way as they entered Indianapolis. The rear let loose, sending M.Rekus pirouetting towards the barrier at speed. Clouds of smoke appeared on what was luckily a fairly silent part of the circuit at that time. The car would land in the barrier, resulting in the #33 entering pit-lane for repairs, HYDR overtaking them to take back what was now P1 after a brilliant recovery so far.

Disaster for HYDR as they too crash at Porsche Curves from P1

Now the tables had turned. HYDR now began to push themselves knowing that the #33 had run into problems. Now leading the racing they pushed to prevent the #74 Seawolf Netrace LMP2 from posing a significant threat. Once again, Le Mans would show just how merciless it can be to those who attempt to discover her upper limits. While entering the Porsche curves the car twitched and became unsettled. With the entry speed being so high the grey tarmac quickly turned to gravel, followed by a head-on collision with the barrier. Both leading cars where now far down the order as the #74 led the pack once more. The pressure was truly on to get back up the order and score those points!

A small break in what is an intense battle for both the cars as they enter the pits for servicing

The halfway point was finally struck along with the first round of points awarded. Rookie Monster Scoring 14, HYDR Racing with 8. Without a moments notice the second part of the race began as the reality sunk in that just 7 points separated the front running teams before the chequered flag would be flown. The REAL race had started!

#33 Pushing for points in the Porsche Curves

The recovery drives began inside both teams, Rookie Monsters leading ahead of HYDR by x2 positions. P7, P6 followed by P5 and 4, T.Lombaerts overtook car, after car, after car. Behind was R.Macduff, he too was making good work of the traffic and was now settles in P6, meaning the gap at the chequered would be 3 points. With the pace turned up to 100% there was no room for error, no room for a mistake, everything truly was being given by both the teams that day.

Huge Moment for the #33 Rookie Monster LMP2 after suffering a Screen Freeze in-game

As much as we love Rf2, it has a reputation for being a rather buggy experience. This would sadly interfere with this incredible battle unfolding before our eyes. coming out of Dunlop, T.Lombaerts stated that he suffered a "screen freeze" moment of up to 30 seconds, which caused his game to crash. The car would drift into the gravel, spinning uncontrollably down the hill and into the barrier. The car was able to continue but it would be several laps down from the leaders. The battle for the title was over, with both teams later describing the experience as an "emotional roller-coaster" during their interviews. Both said it was an incredible battle throughout the season and that they would certainly be looking to reignite that rivalry for next year! One team that would benefit from the Rookie Monsters misfortunes was the #74 Seawolf Netrace machine. They had come home at the top spot twice at Circuit de la Sarthe, which was just enough to come home in the championship standings at 2nd place, with the #33 remaining on the final podium spot in 3rd for this season.

HYDR Racing claim the title for Season 3 in what was a very close fought battle between two giants!

The GT Title

The GT field enters Dunlop for the first time

Back in the GT field things were just as tense. Just 10 points separated the leading Aston Martin team of Drive Game Seat Racing and the Mclaren 720s of Simco Endurance. The Aston, though ahead was not the fastest car at Le Mans, with the Macca coming in with better acceleration and top speed compared to now BOP'd Aston which had 30kg of weight added after the recent changes from Studio397. Simco Endurance had a chance here to maximise their points as DriveGameSeat Racing struggled to gain positions early on as they entered Dunlop. Simco had problems of their own as well, with newcomers Mennato Boffa Sim Racing leading the field, followed closely by Asombil Esports.

Knowing it was crucially to move up the order, B.Kiss attacked early on to claim second place from Asombil Esports on on the exit of dunlop. The Asombil Esports McLaren goes deep into the braking zone opening the door, leading to an early position advantage for the Simco Team. The lead of the race would remain firmly in the hands of L.Russo in the #3 McLaren, who had very strong pace from the moment the green flag was flown.

A 3 way for for P4 ensues between RSA Simracers, GOTeam Racing and DGS Racing

Further back down the order there was a frenzy for the position of P4 taking place. GOTeam Racing, RSA Simracers and DriveGameSeat racing were all having a go at scoring the first of the none podium positions. DGS brought up the back of the pack in P6 and looked on as the battle between RSA Simracers and GOTeam racing heated up. Both teams would exchange positions several times each lap, each one refusing to back down from the fight. In the end it would be bad news for RSA Simracers after they span on the entry to the Porsche Curves, ending their race. The GT positions wouldn't really change for some time, as the 3h marked was reached it would be a 22 points for Simco Endurance, 18 for DGS. Six points now split the top two standing positions and the Simco McLaren was looking good to made further ground in the second half. However, in racing nothing is certain, things change with the blink of an eye and one such incident would occur that would change the battle for the GT title!

G-Force Racing have a big moment at Tetre Rouge, causing the first Code 80 of the event.

A slow moving Audi R8 was spotted by race control at Tetre Rouge. The car span and re-entered the circuit limits side on which was then found by the VRC.One LMP2. As the Audi limped back to the pits for essential repairs it was clear the car was not going to go in a straight line. Race control called the first Code 80 of the race, not knowing that it would change everything.

Pitting under code 80! in comes the DGS Aston Martin

As the entire field now made its way around Le Mans at pit lane speed, DGS dived into the pit-lane in what was the most crucial tactical decision of the entire series. Simco Endurance Team where on the other side of the circuit so weren't able to take advantage of this situation, the track going back to racing conditions long before they could enter the pits. As the next few pit stops took place, the reality of the situation took hold. Emerging in P1 was DGS in their Aston Martin, followed by Mennato Boffa Racing and GOTeam racing.

Simco Endurance would gain ground throughout the next hour and a half until the final services were made. Exiting the pits DGS had a large advantage over the McLaren team while also having GOTeam's Aston buffering the space between them on the final dash to the flag. Things would change once more as Mennato Boffa got DQ'd for not having their headlights on during the evening transition, allowing the DGS car to take the lead once more, securing their top spot!

Simco give everything they have to catch up, they nearly succeed.

With just 15 minutes left in the race, GOTeam racing took first place away from DGS as they raced down the Mulsanne straight! GOTeam racing would start to pull away but then would receive a drive through penalty for exceeding track limits. As they re-entered the circuit, they found themselves in the jaws of Simco Endurance and their McLaren. Despite their efforts and closing up to the Aston martin ahead, the GOTeam racing car would hold off the McLaren before the chequered flag was flown, allowing the DGS car to come home victorious!

DGS claim the title for Season 3 in a very dramatic final round! Just 4 points between them

Although the DGS car came home in first place, they did receive a 90 second penalty post race after making contact with an LMP2 at the Ford Chicane in the closing stages of the event. This would place them in P3 for the final results, but it was just enough to secure the title by just 4 points! Summary Again, I wish i could go into more detail of the final round but as you can see there was so much to cover in just the titles alone. This season has been the best we've had to date, there was over 13 different LMP2 teams on the podium positions and several GT3 teams fighting closer than ever! Thank you to everyone who took part in this little series of ours which makes it one of the great places to race in the Esports world.

We hope you all enjoyed the action, we wish you the best of luck for next year! Stay tuned for more events and details of our 2020-2021 Season! Cheers

CFEG Admin Team!

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