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iRacing - Quarantine 2020 (12h Silverstone)

What does one do when they aren't allowed to go outside? Of course in our case its very easy to answer that question, we race! We aren't alone though and to prove it, the iRacing community has invented an additional special event called the Quarantine 2020.

This is a rather strange one, typically the UK is known for club racing. I'm talking Mazda Mx5's, BMW compact cup cars, BTCC and of course the British GT championship. Now if i told you that, at Silverstone there is going to be V8 Supercars mixing it up with some Porsche Caymans, you would call me crazy. However, this is exactly what is going to happen on Saturday 18th April, while the world celebrates easter weekend from their homes for the first time, we will be tearing up some tarmac in the virtual world in our Cayman GT4! Now, the Cayman itself is the newest addition to the iRacing family. This thing loves to understeer when entering the fast stuff, but that doesn't mean it gives you a numb driving experience. It always feels on the limit, it will understeer, then oversteer if you aren't careful. It requires a perfectly balanced hand in order to obtain that optimal performance. Oh and did I mention the brakes? By god do they suck. Slam the pedal down and your going forward into the sunset, so trail braking is 100% your only chance of survival in this car. Not an easy ride home at all.

Now, remember how i just said about how you need to be "perfectly balanced", well you see thats not going to be so easy when you have screaming V8 supercars blazing around like they own the place. Those things are known for a few things and thats speed, noise and a lack of control under throttle come corner exit. So this is going to be a odd, tough race for everyone involved, two opposite cars (literally) doing battle for 12 hours on the silverstone GP circuit. Well, we couldn't resist the opportunity to be honest. Our Line up: M.Sanderson P.Ark J.Melichar The event will be live streamed on our youtube channel as well as the community hosts YT channel as well.

CFEG Youtube channel -- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPHly3PiaHFQtx9wrWMw-lw/live Official Live stream - TBC

Event Details on the below iRacing forum post - https://members.iracing.com/jforum/posts/list/3702724.page See you out there and wish us luck!

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