CFEG's Lockdown Showdown - 11/04/2020

It's here! Covid-19 is everywhere and we must all now run away! Oh wait, I can't leave my house. You can't either? Well then we may as well have some fun. Yes, it is that time of year again ladies and gents where CFEG takes its serious hat off and puts on the Dunce replacement. The 1st April is fast approaching and that can only mean one thing. But, oh ye, that covid-19 thing means its been postponed to the 11th April....sorry about that.

Moving on, it's time to forget that you havn't been able to purchase toilet paper in 2 weeks and sit that ass down onto your sim rig to race! (just burn it afterwards). Yes, despite this pandemic we will give our community the opportunity to destroy one another for the sake of sanity, turning this whole horrible situation into a bit of a joke, because why the hell not.

Enough chit-chat! Let's have a look at this bad boy!

First Event:

Date: 11/04/2020 Time: 19:00 BST (Remember British Summer time is a thing now) Track: Zandvoort GP (Get it HERE) Car: Clio Cup 2010 (Get it HERE) Times: Join session: 18:50 (10m) Qualy: 19:00 (10m) Race: 19:10 (30m) Details: In order to survive this outbreak, you need to drive that FWD like you stole it. But, with things changing so frequently around here lately, Race control will instruct you to continue in a certain fashion in order to get to the chequered flag. You will need to be on discord for this one, as race control will tell you what you need to do at a certain stage in the event! This can range from "Take this guy out" or "continue the race in reverse only". As you can see, very specific instructions, but its for your own safety.....yes..... Of course damage will be dissabled for this event, so no need for those safety harnesses, real men don't need those anyway. Just make sure you dont break your wrists when ramming someone else (im talking to you direct drive wheel owners) Event 2:

Date: 11/04/2020 Time: 19:40 BST (GMT+1) Track: Nola Kart Course E (Get it HERE) Car: Kart F1 (Get it HERE) Times: Join session: 19:40 (10m) Qualy: 19:50 (10m) Race: 20:00 (20m) Details: In these harsh times. The CFEG admin team still need to establish an income to stay afloat. For this reason, the team has decided to take a job delivering high quality Ice cream using the Boxmaster. Upon arrival however, the Admins discover that the delivery location (NOLA Karting Circuit E) has been overrun by hooligans in Go-Karts. The challenge will be for you the community, to win the race while navigating around the downright huge Boxmasters that are controlled by the Admin team. Have you annoyed us this season? well, you'll soon find out after this one.... Again, no password required. just join if you so wish and have a laugh. We hope to see you on track and of course, stay safe out there... Cheers Matt / OTL

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