iRacing - Classic Roar Before the 24!

A new One-Off event has appeared on the CFEG Calendar. A Blast from the past, CFEG will be hosting it's first ever event on As a new decade begins, we will allow the old world to take centre stage one more time before 2020 kicks off. Using the Riley DP alongside the Porsche Cup Car, experience a unique challenge from the past and tame Daytona. In this 2.4 hour race, lose yourself to the past, to create fresh memories for the future.

This is exciting news for CFEG. WE have always been open to new ideas and experiences and who doesn't love a bit of old racing. We say old as if we are going back to the 1980's, but the fact of the matter is that the Riley was only retired in and around 2012 or so. Still, in this fast moving world, it has quickly become known on iRacing as the "Old DP". That being said, I have personally had a chance to race this thing and it's safe to say it's a ton of fun. The Riley is a fast, nimble, deadly machine. The brakes want to murder you, the engine must be blipped, gear changes made under low revs. The setup must be perfect to achieve the pinnacle of performance and balance, but the latter shant be a luxury at Daytona Road Course. It is a constant handful to keep the rear in check, the car daring you to brake just that little bit later before chewing off your arm. It's epic fun! The porsche is similar, no ABS with a ton of power being sent to the rear axle. Plenty of downforce to handle for those looking for a more "controlled" experience, while still enjoying the challenges of a car with less "luxuries" to keep everything in check. So, there you have it. Two great cars, both with great potential to put a stupid smile on your face. If you are looking for a way to start your 2020 with a bang, then we highly recommend you join this event! Here are some brief details surrounding the event. Grid Size: A maximum of 40 cars can participate in this event. - Riley DP (max 16) - Porsche Cup (max 24) Event Times Date: 10/01/2020 Qualy: 19:00 GMT (15m) Race: 19:15 GMT (145m) For full details, click HERE

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