iRacing - Team CFEG, Assemble! [2020 Special Events]

CFEG always loves a good challenge, for years we have been taking part in the iRacing Special events. 2018 Saw the team win several large events such as the 12h Sebring, 24h Le Mans and more. We even came home 2nd at this years 24h Daytona (2019), a circuit that continues to deny us the ultimate prize.

This year has seen us take a backseat somewhat. After Daytona, drivers retreated to the real world and CFEG let each title slide through its fingers without a fight. This was dissapointing from an administrators viewpoint, but we undertsand that real life will always take priority over this virtual world of ours.

Now though, 2019 will soon be behind us and a new battleground awaits. iRacing has already released the new dates for 2020's special events and CFEG wants to return to the track guns blazing to claim as many Golden Trophies as possible as our collection is becoming a tad stagnant.

The first event is the 24h Daytona. I Myself (Matt) am eager to finally claim this one, we have been coming 2nd place for too long, with one final push required to finally claim glory and add it to our list of achievements would be a great way to kick off 2020.

The usual attractions still apply, the 12h Sebring, 24h Le Mans and PTLM are all targets that we want to achieve once more after previous victories at all these locations. Messages have been sent to our current roster of drivers in hopes they return to continue the fight for Team CFEG, with a new push for new talent and potential from the sim-racing community. Maybe we may even have a chance to enter an LMP1 car this year? who knows.. The task of winning becomes harder each year, with more people joining the sim-racing community by the day, all with their own goals to achieves and scores to settle. This year will be CFEG's tougest to date and extending our list of glory will be prove that we still have what it takes to overcome the many obsticles of endurance racing.

So, all that is left to say is, ready yourself for the road ahead. Get ready for the battles through day and night. Be prepared for anything and we shall be victorious once more, hopefully in places yet untamed by our team. Let's have some fun and create some great moments together in 2020! Learn more about the team HERE See you there! Matt

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