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Rfactor2 - WSCC S3 - It's Time!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the weekend. This is the moment we and over 100 drivers have been waiting for. Season 3 of the World Sports Car Challenge is just around the corner. With several changes including TeamSpeak 3 & code 80's being implemented for S3, CFEG is looking forward to the launch as we continue to grow and become well known as a serious sim-racing community. Before we head into this years championship, we would like to thank all the drivers and teams who have made this a great place to race, as well as those new faces who have given us the chance to show them why so many drivers place their trust in us to provide a top rate experience.

Now thats out of the way, let's get down to business! Round 1 of the championship will take place this Sunday, with the Qualifying session kicking off at 13:30 GMT. With a full grid, 40 cars will head to Sebring International Raceway to discover where they stand among their fellow competitors. With double points available for the start of the season, it will prove crucial for the teams to get that early points lead before 2019 comes to a close.

The LMP2 field has all been invited to take part, with top teams from previous CFEG events taking up us on our challenge to claim the title. Familiar faces such as Fair Racing Team, Rookie Monsters and more all line up side-by-side, With hopes this new approach will result in some outstanding battles unfold. We cannot wait to see what the teams have up their sleeves, as speed, tactical play and traffic management all play their part in making up those crucial seconds that will seperate the winners this year.

In GT3 we see some new faces, as well as some old. Team RSI, champions of S1 have returned with an Aston Martin with hopes that they can take home a second title. While going toe-to-toe with new teams and competitors, Brit-Tech Simsport and GRG Esports among them, the GT3 field will have to contend with the additional task of checking their rear view mirrors when the LMP2 field inevitably comes to greet them. With the old guard ready to do battle, will the new teams this year prove their worth among the field, or will they fall into the distance, and memory?

Before the teams can conquer the competition, first they must tame Sebring itself. A stretch of track dating back to 1941 when they trained B-17 Bomber pilots lays in front of them. Corners are bumpy, straights are un-even, with little remorse or mercy being shown at any time. From the green to the chequered flag, you are in constant overload as you set the car up for the next corner in what can only be described as a constant onslaught on the senses. If you slip, then you are greeted by a small strip of grass, followed by a harsh concrete wall.

This circuit holds its prestige highly on the global stage and with good reason. To win here, survive the trial ahead while beating the competition is no small feat. So with this all said and done, who will come home victorious for Round 1 of Season 3?

Tune in on Sunday 01st December 2019 to find out!

You can watch the live stream via our youtube channel on the day by clicking HERE

See you there!


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