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Rfactor2 - WSCC: Season 3 Arrives!

CFEG invites you to make your mark on the third installment of our flagship series on Rfactor2. The World Sports Car Challenge will once again launch this Winter for some exciting endurance racing events. Kicking off in Decemeber, competitors can expect the same level of experience, experties from the previous season, as well as several improvements that have been made to make your sim-racing experience one to remember.

Visiting 4 seperate regions the WSCC will visit 10 circuits before coming to an end in April 2020. The events are 3-6 hours in length with a grid consisting of 40 cars of LMP2 & GT3 machinery. Going to locations such as Sebring, Road Atlanta, Bahrain, Mosport and more, you will experience a complex mix of corners and challenges not found anywhere else in the sim-racing world. View the full Calendar HERE

Not only do you get to play in all four corners of the globe this season, but we have made some changes that we hope will improve the service we provide to make your time with us a good one. Please take a look at some of the changes below.

- Entry fee: An Entry Fee of £10 has been introduced for this season. This will help keep the community alive, with all funds being put back into the community for future improvements and ideas. It is also to promote attendance, as we found a team would register, take part in a single round and then leave as they only wanted that x1 event. Now with this fee, they will need to pay and we hope this will keep teams dedicated to the series in the long run. See full Terms and Conditions in point 10 HERE

- TeamSpeak - Following the surplus of funding from the competitors, we are going to "throw it right back at you" by introducing our very own TeamSpeak server (details will be disclosed on discord). This will increase our ability to communicate with our competitors from a marshalling perspective, informing you of accidents on track and the newly introduced regulations surrounding Code 80's. See full details in point 7.0 HERE Harsher Penalties - This always seems to be a topic for discussion, as the racing on circuit gets closer its down to the organisers to watch out and punish those who take a step too far. It is not always easy, but CFEG is always trying to ensure that competitors are treated fairly, and those who ruin the fun for everyone else are kept off the circuit.

New Rules & Regulations - We have re-visited our rules & regs to iron out any loopholes and ensure everyone has a well balanced experience. One of the main changes to these regulations concerns "Race Pace". For this season, teams will be expected to keep within 104% of the leader cars lap times. For example, if the average pace at Sebring was 2 minutes, competitors behind would need to be faster than 2m 08s to meet this regulation. Why? This is to ensure that teams practice, last season we saw allot of DNF's and we want to ensure this does not happen again. Those who fail to meet the 104% rule will have their position within the competition reviewed. Read further details under Point 7 HERE

More Drivers - We now allow teams to have 4 drivers listed on their spotter guide, a main concern last season was teams had to find replacement drivers when a member was not able to attend. Now with this new regulation, teams can have a maximum of 4 drivers in their roster, but only 3 can take part in any single event. See full details under point 5 HERE

With these changes, we hope that you will have a smoother, more enjoyable experience out of track. Registration will open to the general community on SATURDAY 9TH NOVEMBER 2019. Teams can register from this date by clicking on the "register button" HERE.

Thats all the information we have for now, if you have any questions feel free to ask us by email @ chequeredflagendurance@outlook.com

See you on track!


CFEG Admin Team

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