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Rfactor2 - 12h Du Mans 2019: The Toughest one yet

On Saturday 19th October 2019, CFEG hosted its largest-ever event at Le Mans on Rfactor2. 53 teams and well over 100 drivers took part in the 12h event. It was the first time CFEG had used the official Le Mans circuit, as well as the New HyperCar alongside the LMP2 and GTE's. With rain expected for most of the race, this was set to be one of the toughest endurance events to date hosted by the community. Tough appeared to be an understatement though. Before we even reached the 4th-hour several teams had retired from the event, some from a lack of practice, others were down to a bit of bad luck.

We saw everything from epic battles that went from the first to last hour in the LMP2 category. We saw Top teams make strange mistakes in the Hypercar class, resulting in a change in the order of things. We saw server issues, and we saw a ton of DNF's.

Le mans certainly showed its evil side that day, the rain swooped in as the night approached, making conditions treacherous for most. This deadly combination resulted in what is to date CFEG's highest every casualty rate in any of our events. Only 20 cars reached the chequered flag out of a huge grid of 53 starters. This in itself, says a lot about the challenges the teams faced and send a clear message to everyone that Circuit De La Sarthe takes no prisoners.

Shining through all the carnage though was the #05 Wave Freem Esports Team. They were trailing in 2nd place for a good portion of the event as the #57 Fair Racing Team extended their lead after what must be the charge of the century. However, in the final 30 minutes, the #57 suffered a disconnection, sending them down into 2nd place and granting the #05 the crown!

LMP2 saw a lot of action take place, From the green flag, the top 6 teams conducted a ballet that would ebb and flow throughout the race. As darkness approached and the sunset beyond the horizon the performance shrunk smaller until there were but only two performing acts. The #68 Team RSI entry, alongside the #97 OnOff Racing team, entered a desperate dash to gain an advantage over one another. Stumbling every now again, they took turns in taking the lead, only for the other to climb back to the top and exchange the position again. It was hard racing and both teams deserved to take the title. Sadly though, only one winner can emerge in this sport. On the last round of pit stops, #68 Team RSI car had to take on repairs, which sent them into 2nd place by half a lap. It was such a shame to see such determination and passion from a team, only for Le Mans to have the final say on the matter.

The GTE stage was a battle between a familiar face, and new threats that lay waiting. #41 M.Technology was dominant from the start, after a strong result at CFEG's PTLM this year, they demonstrated why they are the team to beat. Further back on the remaining podium spots, a desperate struggle ensued between the #27 GoTeam Racing Porsche and the #51 and #52 from World Of Simracing. A valiant performance on all fronts, the weather would interfere once more and change this regularly. M.Technology would also suffer from damages, hitting the wall at the Porsche curves and losing the lead. Consistency was the key to victory, as the #27 took the lead of the race. They had shown that by adapting to the deadly conditions, that they were able to do what was required when it was required. They came home victorious for this years 12h Du mans to finalise the final category.

Circuit De La Sarthe, you certainly showed us your true colours, even we were surprised by how malicious and evil this circuit can be this year. For those that didn't make it, take the hardships back home, dissect them, learn from them. To understand what it takes to be crowned, first, you must learn what it takes to be king. Endurance racing is a mind-set, you must be determined, never get your hopes up, never give up the fight and never, think small.

What a hell of a race.

Thanks for taking part and see you on the next one



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