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Rfactor2 - WSCC Calendar Changes

Being accessible to all corners of the Sim-Racing community is important to us. We want to be open to everyone, whereever they are in the globe, and, in order to do this we must research and pay attention to what other communitys are up to.

So long mid-ohio, maybe next time

Despite the WSCC being released, a community has decided that they want to host a 24h Race that collides directly with the first round of the WSCC. We have therefore decided to remove Round 1 (Mid-Ohio) from the calendar, delaying the start of S3 until the 1st December. The first round will now be the 6h Sebring.

Now that the full VEC Calendar has been released, we can cross reference our events to see how they compare. Some of WSCC's events take place the day after some of the VEC rounds. It is not possible to change the dates of our events due to admin availability, but we have made amendments to our calendar so that the time spent on track is kept to a minimum so teams arent discouraged or completely exhausted.

None of the circuits have changed, they have simply been moved around to better fit in with what is happening around us. We hope that this will assist teams when it comes to practicing and participating in our events.

Further news regarding the WSCC will be released in the coming month, including details on the refundable entry fee and the invitation of LMP2 teams for this season.



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