Rfactor2 - CFEG's 12h Du Mans - The Build-Up

It is almost once again time for our largest One-Off event. The CFEG 12h Du Mans is approaching fast and teams are scrambling to finalise their set-ups and prepare their schedules. There is something about this event that attracts teams and drivers in their droves. A place that holds so much heritage and history,even in our virtual world. It is the oldest race in history, the place where big names go to settle their differences, the location where spectacular moments are born. Le Mans truly is the pinnacle of the motorsport world and this is why CFEG hosts it's annual 12h Du Mans at this great circuit.

A vision of the future as the grid enters the Mulsanne Chicane

For those that have been watching recent news, it will be no secret or surprise that Le Mans is expecting some changes. After Audi and Porsche left the LMP1 program the World Endurance Championship (WEC) has decided to change the formula. The brand new Hypercar class has been introduced, coming into effect as of 2020/2021. The new class will reinvent the top tier at Le Mans, with the likes of Toyota and Aston Martin confirming entries for the season. In the virtual world, Mclaren has worked alongside S397 to develope the McLaren Senna to meet the regulations, creating the first-ever virtual representation of the class.

Now that we are all up to speed on the changes, what can we expect from the class and how will it affect the Le Mans experience.Well, addressing the biggest elephant in the room, the times around the circuit in the top class will be slower, with target lap times at 3:30 as opposed to the LMP1 laps we are used to seeing from Toyota and others. This is all because the new Hypercars MUST be developed from a production car, so that meansno prototype chassis and that means no huge aero packages. Not only that, but the new Hypercars will have a minimum weight of 1,040 kg, as well as a power package producing 750 bhp.

F1 Bros Racing ready to do battle in the New McLaren Senna

You might be thinking "not bad", and you'd be right to think that. The new regulations will certainly bring a new look to the series as car manufacturers bring their best production cars to the field in all their glory and we cannot wait to do our bit here at CFEG to host our first Hypercar event to celebrate the change with the McLaren Senna.Of course, the Hypercar is only a small portion of what makes Le Mans the spectacle that it is.

UPA Realish Racing, one of many LMP2's due to fight next Saturday

We have the LMP2 category, full of competitive teams who know what they are doing when it comes to setting up the car for the Mulsanne straight, as well as the Porsche curves. This class will be the most challenging to take part in, diving through dense GTE traffic while also keeping on eye out for any Hypercars looking to do the same. They, therefore, will need to be awake at all times, scanning their surroundings while making the right calls in a variety of situations. It won't be easy, but those who adapt to changing situations will come out on top here.

Team CFEG, ready to do battle alonside numerous other GTE Teams

Then you have the GTE field, numerous in size and plenty to fight with. With 30 cars taking to the track they will all be fighting for every meter out on track as the clock counts to zero. Taking a number of chassis from BMW, Porsche, Aston Martin and Corvette it will also be the most colourful, dynamic and brutal to witness as teams and drivers exploit the advantages of their cars. As they exchange positions during the event, they must be wary of incoming prototypes as they dip and dive their way onto the apex of the next corner.

As the sun sets at Le Man the difference between classes begins to blur, with the famous yellow headlights no longer existing, it is almost impossible to distinguish between GT and Prototype. With the closing speeds being so fast between categories, those split-second decisions will be crucial to the team's survival if they wish to stand a chance of seeing the sunrise.

Teams will battle through the hours of darkness before they claim victory

It's making it to the other end, the pixelated glow from that virtual sun that gives the teams hope, a checkpoint, a final push to the finish to claim victory not only against their competitors but the track as well. This is a large task that lays ahead, and it takes a huge commitment from the teams if they are to makeit to the final lap and the final corner of this event.

So brace yourselves for the race ahead and we wish you all the very best of luck at the CFEG 2019 12h Du Mans.



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