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WSCC - Calendar and Car Selection released!

Time flies when you're having fun. Already approaching winter at an alarming rate, CFEG thinks the time is right to release the details of Season 3 of the World Sports Car Challenge on Rfactor2. We have a great combinations of tracks and cars to choose from which we hope will attract those looking for something different, while at the same time providing the classics we all know and love. Interested? Then read on sir!

The Cars Last year in 2018 CFEG took the Endurance pack (LMP2 + GTE) for the season, creating some spectacular moments while keeping the DLC packs to a bare minimum. We did find there were allot of DNF's as a result of the GTE choices however, their lack of ABS, Traction control options meant some less experienced teams were caught out and thus unable to compete. After some in depth discussions within the admin team, we have decided to go back to our roots with the below classes. LMP2

The trusty and reliable LMP2. WSCC has chosen this vehicle from the word go, offering a stable prototype platform that requires a educated mind to mold the chassis to best suit its enviroment. This class will be subject to invitation to ensure the grid is tightly packed and full of competitive teams. The teams are picked based on their previous performance in CFEG events, using logs and result records to determine who will be best suited to partake in the top tier of the series. What if you're new to CFEG? Message a member of the admin team, providing solid evidence of strong performance in a higher tier. Your evidence shall then be reviewed and a verdict being given.


The GT3 class will make a return to the championship for Season 3. Teams will be able to pick any vehicle from the "Challenger Pack" released by Studio 397. This provides a solid, reliable choice of GT Machinery that is well balanced to ensure close racing between manufacturers. The GT3 pack will NOT be included, after concerns involving BOP while also keeping the cost of the championship down to a bare minimum.

Class choices

- Aston Martin

- Audi R8

- BMW M6

- Mclaren 720s

- Porsche 911 GT3 R


Mid-Ohio makes its debut for S3 alongside others

The calendar for S3 will visit all corners of the globe, visiting some of the more iconic circuits, such as Sebring, Le Mans, Road Atlanta and more, while also challenging teams to circuits that aren't seen in your typical endurance Calendar. We hope that this mixture, will prove a worthy test to even the most experienced of teams, challenging them with new situations as they fight for glory.

The season is seperated in regions, visiting the circuits one after another before moving to the next part of the world. Firstly 4 rounds take place in North America, followed by the Pacific, Arabian desert and lastly Europe. Please find below a copy of the calendar in a basic form. For time, and descriptions of each circuit, head over to the WSCC Calendar page @ https://www.chequeredflagendurance.com/wscc-calendar

Round 1 | 3h Mid Ohio - 17th November Round 2 | 6h Sebring - 1st December Round 3 | 3h Canadian Tire - 15th December Round 4 | 6h Road Atlanta - 12th January Round 5 | 3h Shanghai - 26th January Round 6 | 6h Autopolis - 9th February Round 7 | 3h Bahrain - 23rd February Round 8 | 3h Dubai - 8th March Round 9 | 3h Silverstone - 22nd March Round 10 | 6h Spa - 5th April Round 11 | 6h LeMans - 19th April

Changes To Regulations

We are making some changes to the rules and regulations for Season 3. After Season 2, it was clear that certain issues kept appearing despite constant reminders of the rules and regulations surrounding the series. Here are the issues thats we witnessed almost each round.

- False starts (jump starts or drivers starting before they reached the designated start line as described in driver briefing) - Lap 1 incidents, people trying their best to make up positions in dense traffic, causing huge collisions and DNF's before the race had even started.

- Lack of attendance, teams not showing up without good reason or notice, reducing the grid size for no obvious reason.

For Season 3, the following changes are to be made

Jump Starts

- Jump Starts now result in Disqualification, we find the offence to show a lack of respect to the organisors by either refusing to listen or obey the rules and therefore shall not be tolerated in the series.

Lap 1 Incidents

- Any incident that occurs on lap 1 of the race will result in a Stop & Go penalty being issued. The length of which shall be doubled compared to the usual penalty for such an offence. This is to discourage lap 1 divebombing and DNF's, giving space and time for the grid to settle down and find a rythme before the real racing begins.

Refundable Entry Fee

- We are looking into the possibility of an entry fee being introduced for the season (though this isn't confirmed as of yet). The idea behind this fee is to promote attendance, with a full refund being provided to those teams that make 9 out of 11 rounds of the series (You can miss two rounds). We hope that by introducing this fee, it will discourage less committed teams from applying and taking up those precious slots, which will allow for more professional, dedicated members to come forward and give us some close racing we all love to see. Full details , with all that boring legal stuff will be unveiled in due course far in advance before sign up is opened. So don't worry, we got you covered. It's going to be a good season ehre at CFEG for WSCC, join the action and have some fun! Cheers


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