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CFEG's 12h Du Mans - Registration Opens Soon!

It is that time of year again. The 12 Hours Du Man returns to offer the sim racing community a chance to experience this spectacular event. Racing with x2 time acceleration, experience a 24h Cycle in either LMHC, LMP2 or GTE. Charge down the Mulsanne straight, slipstreaming behind your competitors to gain the advantage. Sweep through the Porsche Curves, dodging traffic and the concrete barriers. This truly is the pinnacle of motorsport, so come and experience our virtual world with CFEG.

With so much new content being released by Studio 397, we are excited to announce that we shall be inviting the Mclaren Senna and new Aston Martin GTE to the grid for 2019. The two vehicles, both offering different driving experience, will add more diversity to the grid while offering a unique experience to those who choose to take them.

Registration will open on Saturday 21st September, so contact your team-mates, choose your car and get ready for the event that lay ahead. This is going to be a good one!

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