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CFEG's 12h Du Mans - Car Selection Confirmed!

Earlier this year CFEG announced that we would be hosting our annual 12h Du Mans on Rfactor2. A year before the event hosted LMP2's, LMP3's alongside the GTE cars from the Enduracers mod with a grid of 32 cars. Fast forward twelve months and things have changed allot for both the real and virtual world. New Regulations released by the FIA mean Hypercars will come into existence in 2020/2021, with Rf2 using the Mclaren Senna as the new top tier in anticipation for the change.

That doesn't mean that the Le Mans we all know and love has disappeared though, not yet anyway. This was, and still is at present, the Le Mans that has given us some astounding memories. The LMP1 battles between Audi and Peugeot, the wheel-to-wheel action between Audi, Porsche and Toyota. The category has provided us with some great historical moments and will always own a page in the history books. Not only that, but the class provided manufacturers with the opportunity to showcase their abilities, to create something truly spectacular, the G-forces the drivers endured through the corners, the immense power under acceleration, with jaw-dropping top speeds alongside some of the most up-to-date technology, engine efficiency and effective aero packages.

With this in mind. CFEG would like to say goodbye to Le Mans as we know it, while embracing the new, bold future that is the Hypercar Era. CFEG would like to announce that we shall be using the Mclaren Senna as the top tier for this years 12h Du mans. The event is the perfect opportunity for top teams to get some experience behind the wheel before championships inevitably begin to use it. Fast forward the clock and beat real manufacturers to the experience by taking this spectacular machine to Le Mans for the first time!

Alongside, will be the Studio 397 Endurance pack cars, that is your usual LMP2 and GTE mix, providing the bulk of the teams and drivers that will partake in the event. The GTE field will also feature the new Aston Martin machine in hopes it will increase the diversity present on the grid, especially when darkness arrives and the lights reflect of the competitors. The LMP2, now dumbed down to realistic performance figures will also be present. This trusty piece of kit will be able to offer less experienced teams a chance to take part as its easier to drive than the top tier Senna Hypercar. The LMP2 is also a unique experience, being the overtaker, as well as being overtaken by faster and slower classes during the event, so make sure you are awake at all times.

The event is set to take place on Saturday 19th October 2019, so keep the date clear to ensure you can secure a slot in this one-off-event. Registration details will follow in September, where the CFEG team will announce when you can register your entries. See you on the grid Matt/OTL

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