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Rfactor2 - Pacific GT - Registration Open!

We announced some time ago that we would be introducing a new GT championship before our winter series finally kicks off. As promised, today is the day that we finally unveil what we have been working on for so long. The Pacific GT series is finally ready to launch, with 4 rounds in quick succession the series will be fast paced and full of unexpected action.

The will try to replicate the Super GT series, the Japanese championship hosts a large variety of GT500 and GT300 machinery, with several manufacturers investing big numbers to claim the top spot. Our virtual championship will give drivers a small teaser of this amazing championship as it visits some of Asia's best circuits.

The Tracks

The championship will consist of 4 rounds and will visit the following circuits.

Round 1 - 2H Sepang The Sepang GP circuit in Malaysia will host the debut round of the Pacific GT series from CFEG. This incredible circuit is not to be underestimated, with its high-speed corners, lack of run-off areas and tight hairpins. Mix that with a very hot climate and you have one challenging experience.

Round 2 - 2H Fuji

Fuji circuit is a circuit that offers drivers a challenge like no other. It's unique combination of slow and high speed corners will throw any racers off balance as they struggle to master the apex of some of these corners. It is fast and technical, requiring the most delicate of hands in order to obtain the ultimate performance. Round 3 - Shanghai GP

Who doesn't love this circuit? Turn 1 alone should put a smile on any speed junky. Climb up that hill, maximising the entry speed before swooping down into a tight left-hander, this circuit just flows like water. Famous for hosting the F1 races to this day, this will prove a valuable testing ground in the second half of the Pacific GT series. Mastering this beast of a circuit isn't as easy at it seems. Round 4 - Okayama Something a tad more technical now as we reach the final round of the Pacific GT series. The narrow Okayama circuit is located in Japan and hosts the current Super GT championship! We couldn't pick a better place to conclude the season. This one will certainly catch some teams out, if you can't pass the car ahead before you get to sector 3, you are in for a long wait as the track offers little opportunities to pass! The Cars


The Nissan GT-R, built for the 2013 SuperGT GT500 class, follows in the footsteps of two championship titles for Nissan in 2011 and 2012. It is one of the most powerful GT cars out there, with an engine that delivers over 530 bhp at a weight of only 1,100 kg. Optimizations in engine response, even more torque, and better fuel economy make it superior to the previous year’s model. The rear wing and fender with their shark-tooth-shaped design provide downforce while reducing drag as much as possible.

This is the top class within the series, pushing breakneck speeds you will be fighting for the overal lead of the race. This car is a handful, with optimal performance requiring a good mind for setup work, while having the experience of overtaking slower GT3 cars during the race.


Using some of the newest and most iconic GT3 machinery, CFEG will be taking the cars made available in Rfactor 2's "GT3 challengers pack" These high performance cars will cater for a wide variety of driving styles while ensuring close wheel-to-wheel action on these pacific based circuits.

These cars will be the lower class but by no means less enjoyable. The GT3 spec is the most popular in the world, and for good reason too. The sheer volume of companies that invest in this category is second to none, with all being subject to strict BOP regulations to ensure a tight grid around the world.

Choose from 5 different chassis for this championship and claim the crown in the car that best suits your abilities! It is an exiciting time for CFEG as we continue to grow and explore new heights.

We hope to see you on the grid



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