Rfactor2 - Petit Le Mans Arrives!

This post can only mean one thing, and that is that the annual CFEG Petit Le Mans has finally arrived. The time has come for 40 teams, 80+ drivers to take to the stage and prove to the crowd that they are the true masters of Road Atlanta. This cradle of cars, this oasis of the motoring world will give us the show it always has done.

Three classes will take to the tarmac in a bid to claim the crown, for it will be theirs to hold and cherish for 12h months before the next challenge can be made. This event is therefore one of the highlights, one of the few places where drivers will devote endless hours to practice, setup work, painting their cars and perfecting their liveries for all to see.

There will be nerves, there will be bitten nails and shaking hands, there will be last minute toilet breaks as the cars begin to line up on that grid. The road ahead bearing down on them, testing their nerve and challenging their resolve, alongside will be equally determined rivals, teams who have done their homework and are ready to fight to make their mark.

A new year, a new challenge. For those who have won before, pressure on their shoulders as the teams name bears down on them, podium finishers and title defenders ready to do it all again. Behind, battered and bruised competitors from 12h months earlier, waiting for their moment to strike and bring down the old guard. Alongside, new faces and entries eagerly waiting to experience the event first hand, waiting to make their mark on CFEG's History books!

As the teams converge and ready themselves, it is a reminder that once again, no matter where you are or where you are from, we all share the passion, determination and drive, to be the very best in our virtual world, and that we are ready to push ourselves through some of the toughest environments to achieve glory.

Enjoy the show, and welcome to the 2019 CFEG Petit Le Mans! Live now @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPHly3PiaHFQtx9wrWMw-lw?view_as=subscriber

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