Rfactor2 - Calm before the storm!

Tensions are on the rise as CFEG's annual Petit Le Mans draws ever closer. The track of Road Atlanta will bare witness to just over 40 teams take the green in a gruelling 10 hour test to prove they have what it takes to take the crown. Road Atlanta will not make it easy for them. A narrow strip of tarmac guides the way, with slippery grass and high concrete walls on each flank to meet any poor soul who dares to test the track limits here. For those readying themselves for the storm ahead, what can we expect from the event and what makes it so special?

For those that don't already know, The Petit Le Mans is one of the most prestigious motorsport events in the world. It is a fairly young event in the grand scheme of things, first being hosted in 1998 by founder Don Panoz. This, however, does not take away any of its prowess on the global stage as the event quickly gained its reputation for being one of the toughest on the north American tracklist.

It is renowned for its relentless assault on the body and mind. From the moment the driver leaves the pit box they will be exposed to a flurry of high-speed corners that demand the highest level of concentration. The circuit will offer drivers little sympathy, with only one significant straight to relax and give teams the chance to ready themselves for the next lap. The circuit rewards bravery, with time to be found in every corner, but it will severely punish ignorance in a way that can't be seen anywhere else in the motoring world.

If the circuit wasn't challenging enough, several classes, each with varying abilities will all be vying for the optimal racing line. With lap times just over 1 minute, 40+ cars will all try to traverse this small grey strip of tarmac without making contact while fighting for the lead of their respective class. This places even more pressure on the drivers, as they read the road both behind and ahead of them while navigating the circuit in the fastest way possible.

If the teams make it this far into the event, they will have an extra hurdle put in place before they reach the chequered flag. As the race progresses the night shall descend, stealing their ability to see the apex in advance. Cars behind will blind them as the headlights glance off their mirrors, while their own will do little to illuminate the road ahead of them. As the battle continues into the emptiness of the night, drivers will have to remain vigilant as the difference between classes blurs.

This is why Petit Le Mans is such a special event. It requires the highest level of concentration at all times. It is the ability to know when to pass, and when to be patient. Only then will a team survive the test of time and be in with a chance of coming home with the title after 10 hours of racing.

CFEG is always blessed to have such a great community behind us who love endurance racing as much as we do, and we cannot wait to see what they all bring to the table this Saturday! As always we will be live streaming the event, so come watch the action as it unfolds on our youtube channel @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPHly3PiaHFQtx9wrWMw-lw?view_as=subscriber Welcome, to CFEG's Annual Petit Le Mans! See you on the grid Matt

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