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Rfactor2 - PTLM Registration now open!

After reviewing our Calendar, CFEG has decided to bring our PTLM forward to take place on the 27th July 2019. With this event hosting some of the best off-season racing of 2018 we are hoping for a repeat this year with 3 classes now being used.

Choose from LMP2, GTE or this years newly introduced GTC category (Flat 6). With so many vehicle choices, there will be something to suit your style. Choose the LMP2, a light carbon chassis powered by a 603 BHP V8 engine! For something less high speed, take the GTE class, powerful, but sensible and with enough aero to find that limit you so desire. If you like a true challenge though, take on the GTC flat 6, no ABS, no Traction Control and a big engine in the back to push you forward.

Registration is now open! So get over to our Forum and fill out those Registration forms!

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