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New Rfactor2 Series Coming soon!

The Pacific GT Series is CFEG's new mini-multiclass championship. It continues and expands on the communities commitments to the simulator Rfactor2, using existing content as well as DLC packages to provide a GT racing experience. The series attempts to replicate the Super GT series, a championship held in the Pacific with GT500 and GT300 machines. With fierce competition available in the real world, CFEG hopes that a virtual representation will attract GT lovers from across the globe to compete. Competitors get to choose from the Free GT500 Nissan GTR, or any GT3 vehicle available in the GT3 Challengers DLC pack. The championship focuses on the Pacific region, visiting 4 unique circuits not typically found in other racing calendars. This series is therefore a great way of expressing your love for the GT world, while putting yourself out of your comfort zone. The championship is also covered with live streams via CFEG's youtube channel as well as benefiting from several social media posts and website updates.

Full Details on our website @ https://www.chequeredflagendurance.com/pacific-gt

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