iRacing's 24h Le Mans - CFEG is Ready!

Once again CFEG is presented with an endurance event from This time it is the 24h of Le Mans, the pinnacle of motorsport and endurance racing. The Circuit De La Sarthe takes no prisoners, from the very beginning our drivers will be thrown into a frenzy for the lead, dodging traffic and perfecting each apex until the chequered flag. It shall not be easy, the circuit itself shall prove a worthy apponent, changing and developing as the timer runs down to zero.

Last year CFEG took the chequered flag in first place in the LMP2 HPD, so it was only common sense to defend our title and re-enter this years event. We will be looking to extend our list of victories, to prove that it wasn't just a one off and to show the sim-racing community that we are a team that can persistantly and annoyingly occupy those top spots.

Team: CFEG Yellow

Driver 1: M.Sanderson

Driver 2: G.Konrath

Driver 3: M.Yoder

Driver 4: A.Redmond

Live Stream (13:30 GMT)

CFEG continues to expand this year as we enter our GTE Ferrari 488. Committing to Le Mans we have two new drivers join our ranks, proving that by practicing and proving that we know how to win these races is attracting more and more competitive and like-minded racers. The ferrari made its debut at the 6h of Brands Hatch, now however, it is time for it to be put to the test, properly this time. 5 drivers will take this gorgeous GTE machine to the end, and with any luck a podium position. Only time will tell.

Team: CFEG Red

Driver 1: B.Harza

Driver 2: P.Sharrocks

Driver 3: E.Ijere

Driver 4: P.Karasiewicz

Driver 5: J.Mulder

Live Stream (13:30 GMT)

Come show CFEG your support this year as we take on Le Mans. We hope that we meet our friends on circuit and that they too can share some slice of victory with us tomorrow.



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