CFEG's 12h Du Mans + PTLM dates Released

Here at CFEG we like to keep our members up to date as much as possible. Thats why we are announcing our annual 12h Du Mans and Petit Le Mans in advance. Save the dates of these two amazing one-off-events to ensure you don't miss out!

CFEG's Petit Le Mans

Date: 10/08/2019

This is why CFEG loves the Off-Season! It's that time of year when we can sit back relax and host some awesome events. Similar to last year, CFEG is once again hosting the Petit Le Mans at the legendary circuit of Road Atlanta. Choose from LMP2, GTE or this years newly introduced GTC category (Flat 6). With so many vehicle choices, there will be something to suit your style. Choose the LMP2, a light carbon chassis powered by a 603 BHP V8 engine! For something less high speed, take the GTE class, powerful, but sensible and with enough aero to find that limit you so desire. If you like a true challenge though, take on the GTC flat 6, no ABS, no Traction Control and a big engine in the back to push you forward.

The event will once again cover the full 10 hours with live broadcast & commentary. Get your endurance fix at CFEG this August!

CFEG's 12h Du Mans

Date: 20/10/2019

The circuit of Le Man has always been the pinnacle of motorsport. Since its first ever 24h race it has been the envy of all racing drivers. To claim her title or to drive on this spectacular circuit is the dream of any racer. Sadly, many of us will never get to experience this triumph. Or can you? CFEG continues to bring a bit of reality to our virtual world as we host our annual 12h Du Mans. Take on Circuit De La Sarthe in LMP1, LMP2 or GTE machines and get a chance to step on top of the motorsport world!

We will be using the URD Aura LMP1 car for this years challenge, the Aura has been updated to the latest tire model + textures for you to start exploring with your custom skins. We have avoided using the other vehicles due to BOP issues.

As usual the trusty LMP2 will make an appearance, still packs a punch but less of a handful than the LMP1 category. Perfect for those wanting to play piggy in the middle and still get that prototype fix!

GTE's make up the bulk of the event, well balanced machines ready to take on the Porsche curves with everything they have. All have they advantages and disadvantages, but which one will do the job for you?

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