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Raceroom - 90m Of Silverstone [GT3 + GT4]

CFEG is returning to Raceroom! The sim has undergone some significant changes in recent builds, allowing more user/administrative controls which were so badly lacking in the past. Mix that with some exciting new content to play with, we could not resist. It has always been a great sim, so it's time to dust off the old girl and start new events!

So what did we come up with for our return? why none of that a GT3 + GT4 combination to honour the GT Master series we hosted before we left. Take on Silverstone in this one-off event on Raceroom. Brave the entrance of Maggots & Becketts in GT3 and GT4 machinery as you fight for victory in your class. Will you take the agile, sleek Lotus Evora? Or will you charge your way through traffic in the Nissan GTR? The choice of cars on this sim is staggering so you can rest assured that at least one car will suit your driving style. Let's have some fun!

Read more information on the "FORUM" page on our website or copy and paste the link below for full details! Full details @ https://www.chequeredflagendurance.com/forum/one-off-events/raceroom-90m-of-silverstone-gt3-gt4

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