Off Season begins after WSCC ends early!

With WSCC ending at Watkins Glen CFEG can now unleash the endless list of fun one off events that happens every year during the off season. For those that aren't aware of what we do here at CFEG, let me give you a quick run down.

During our off season, CFEG hosts a variety of Endurance, sprint, single-class and multi-class races. They can range from 15 minute sprints, to 12 hour endurance events with teams of 2-3 drivers. Although we take our sim racing seriously, we believe that one off events offer a chance for drivers and teams to relax, have some fun in a competitive environment. Aside from being great fun, these events are also logged, with invitations being sent out to teams to take part in the next championship! So get practicing.

Enough chit chat though, lets see what CFEG has lined up for you in the first few months of the Off Season.

4 Hours Of Dubai

First off we have the 4h Dubai. Take on the Dhubai GP circuit in a 4 hour race with one of 3 classes. Race in the daytime desert heat, followed by the empty cold night. Navigate dense traffic, testing your awareness and judgement while racing against your competitors. Choose from LMP2, GTE or GT3 cars using official Studio 397 content.

Find full details by clicking on the "One Off Event" button under "series".

3 Hours Of Misano

Next we have the 3h Of Misano. We continue with our P2, GTE, GT3 theme for the time being. This time we visit the circuit of Misano in Italy for another 3 hour race. This great Italian circuit hosts a combination of long straights, heavy braking zones and fast flowing corners. Tricky to master, this will make a great location to test your racing talent against other like minded competitors.

Find full details by clicking on the "One Off Event" button under "series".

3 Hours Of VIR

The Virginia International Raceway is a track full of heritage and history. Fast flowing corners, tight bends and of course the legendary Oak tree. Mix that with a narrow strip of tarmac and you have the VIR circuit. CFEG offers you the chance to tame this great circuit in P2, GTE and GT3 using official Rfactor2 content in our next one off event.

Find full details by clicking on the "One Off Event" button under "series".

So, as you can see where are going full steam ahead with our Off Season line up. A great line up of circuits, designed to test drivers and teams, putting them in situations that aren't ideal. These events will seperate the Racers from the Gentlemen drivers! So register your team if you think you have what it takes!

Stay tuned as we have more fun events lined up and ready to be announced!

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