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iRacing - It's a double podium for Team CFEG at the 24h Daytona!

It's a good start to 2019 for the Chequered Flag iRacing endurance team as they take home P2 in both the GT3 and Daytona Prototype class. Both cars had to perform a recovery drive of a lifetime after issues early on send both cars down the order in their respective classes.

From there on every lap, ever overtake and every second would count towards the end result. Our drivers, some of which making their debut appearance, gave 100% from the moment they stepped into the car. Of course, Daytona is one of those circuits that has denied us an overall win. So the desire and pressure to win this year was truly real and felt among the team.

However, this does not take away from the fact that what we have achieved at this early stage is an underachievement. We saw some scary moments and some brave tactical decisions take place. For example, when M.Sanderson had connection issues, being forced to pit just after his out-lap, It was M.Yoder who decided to triple stint the GT3 tyres to reclaim 2nd place. It was the overall pace and determination from all our drivers, all posting times within tenths of one another, that truly allowed the car to move up the order in the way that it did. It was the drivers, who were able to read and judge traffic and the track, responding to new threats as they appeared throughout the race.

It is this control, this determination to win and the drive to push on no matter what happens, that truly makes a good endurance team. I am proud of both cars, all played their part and put everything on the line. Both put the endless hours of practice in to ensure they could stay on the limit of what is possible for the full 24 hours. They all adapted to the conditions, changing track temperatures and traffic conditions.

The team truly deserves both podium positions and I simply cannot wait to see what else we can achieve in 2019. So here is a big thank you to the guys who drove in both cars. A big thank you for your efforts and I hope to continue this great feeling moving forward toward the rest of the Endurance racing calendar!

Next year we shall claim this circuit!

Cheers Matt

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