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WSCC - Portimao to Replace Laguna Seca for R5

It was a fairly chaotic round last week for R4 at Le Mans but there was still some fantastic racing taking place. Moving forward to the next round we was really looking forward to a stress free Round 5 at Laguna Seca. However, it appears that a very small number of individuals are not able to run Laguna Seca for some unknown reason. We are investigating the issue as best as we can in hopes that we can still use this great circuit.

As a result of what happened at Le mans a week ago, along with some issues beginning to appear at Laguna Seca, we are postponing the circuits appearance, replacing it with Portimao. This great circuit has allot to offer, blind apex's and fast high speed corners litter the circuit. This circuit was used last season and provided a great opportunity to the teams to go racing.

We hope that this season will result in the same. Let's all go racing at Portimao!

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