WSCC - The Battle Rages on. On to Le Mans!

It's been a strong start to the second Season of the World Sports Car Challenge, with several teams going wheel to wheel for the overall top spot after just 3 rounds. However, now everyone has fattened up with mince pies and turkey, it's time to move into 2019 and the rest of the season. Starting with a bang, Le Mans will launch WSCC into 2019 with a bang. The legendary circuit will be the fourth round of the season, while also being the first round to run from Day>Night. This then will set the tone for the remainder of the season, the never-ending Mulsanne straight, the relentless and unforgiving Porsche curves, as well as the many heavy braking zones will push the teams to the edge of what's possible.

Changing track and ambient temperatures, unpredictable weather and strategy will all play a vital role in deciding the winners. From the moment the green flag is waved, nothing can go wrong for the teams if they are to secure the podium positions. Each driver will be required to give 100%, springing around the circuit until their tanks run dry, or the timer hits zero. However, what we do already know is that Le Mans will always provide close, tense racing regardless of the class. If Le Mans doesn't get you excited, the rest of the season should. Laguna Seca, Road Atlanta, Sebring and many more classic circuits wait patiently down the road, looking to make their mark on the season. We here at CFEG are looking forward to seeing how this season unfolds, it's certainly going to heat up very quickly indeed.

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