iRacing - Here we are again [24h daytona]

It is now 2019 and iRacing have already announced their line up of special events. It is a tightly packed list of legendary circuits and cars aimed at satisfying our addiction for endurance racing. With CFEG having their most successful year in 2018, we are hoping for similar success as we move forward.

Straight away we are thrown into the fire as the 24h Daytona takes place at the end of January. This circuit has always been one of our favourites to race on, however the feeling is not mutual. Time after time the circuit has punished us, with our best result being 2nd place in the Daytona Prototype C7 last year after a crushing defeat in the final hours of the event. Even our trusty Mercedes GT3 has been put through its paces over the years, to no avail. This then is the one we are hoping goes well, giving us a big confidence boost going forward throughout the year.

Not only that, but this will be the first time that iRacing will use its new Day>Night software on this scale. Unlike last year, we won't have to suffer 24h of daytime, which plays games on your mind as it tries to understand what the hell is going on after realising its 2am and pitch black in real life. This then is a truly special year for iRacing as it lays the foundation for the next chapter of the sim. To win these events would be a milestone in our history, a bragging right of sorts to say we were there when iRacing truly entered the endurance racing world, and that we won..

Of course, these thoughts are dangerous. We have learnt over the years that you never win an endurance race until you crossed that start/finish line, with the clock reaching that all important 24h mark. However, at the same time it is good to think of victory, to give ourselves hope and believe that we have what it takes to claim another victory, especially the Daytona 24h.

So, once more the CFEG endurance team prepares for another year of endurance racing. Once more we line up ready to take on the challenge ahead, the compeititon no doubt bigger than ever. We can proudly say that we have failed, that we have learnt and that we have won. However, this year will truly put the team through its paces. Let's go get this sucker! Bring it on Daytona!

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