What a year this has been! - 2018 review

It's that time of year again, and what a year it has been. We would never have guessed that 2018 would be our most successful year to date. As the months unfolded CFEG has grown from strength to strength, and although we recognise that we still have much to learn, we still wish to continue offering you the best possible service for racing in 2019.

But what exactly happened in 2018?

Well, We started with WSCC season 1 ending on a good note. Roughly 200 members in discord after it was launched in 2017. So we announced our one off events such as Sebring, 10h PTLM and our 12h Du Mans. Several events off Raceroom such as the 1.2h Bathurst and 60m of Spa. Who would have guessed that just from these random events, our discord channel would explode with members.

Our iRacing endurance team grew to allow x2 cars to enter the events, with victories at Sebring, PTLM, Le Mans and more, making 2018 our most successful year to date! Allthe hardship, failures and DNF's have finally paid off as we have used that knowledge to better ourselves and play the long game better than in any previous year.

Season 2 of WSCC has doubled in size compared to S1. Suzuka last year had just 14 cars....now we have 30+ teams on the grid for each round thus far, with the challenge expanding in 2019 with the events going to 6h in duration. New faces and old have appeared and we could not be happier to welcome everyone to visit our grids.

After just 12 months, our Discord has grown by a huge 500 members, where it sites just shy of 700 in total! Our website, launched just last year in june 2017, now has 550 members...our facebook page has 330 followers, our Youtube , 275 subscribers....Each live stream reaches around 600 views or more with our live streams.

This then, is all down to you guys, the posts that you share, the races you talk about with your friends and fellow sim racers, attending each round one after another to give us some good wheel to wheel action lets us grow larger each time we host an event and we cannot thank you all enough for giving us the chance to get this community off the ground.

So, from the CFEG admin team, we wish you a very merry christmas and a happy new year. We hope to see you all in 2019 for more great virtual racing!

This is CFEG wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Thanks again for everything guys

From CFEG Admin team.

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