WSCC - Season starts with a bang! (Pre-Season Testing)

On Sunday 4th November Season 2 of the World Sports Car Challenge came to life! The teams and drivers showed up at Sebring circuit in force for pre-season testing in a 3 hour test of speed and adrenalin. 33 teams, all consisting of 2-3 drivers each lined up two-by-two for the green to prove that they had what it took to take part in the season which launches in just two weeks time.

Pre-Season testing is important both for the organisors and the teams, offering vital information on rules and regulations, as well as giving the teams an opportunity to test their drivers and cars in a harsh and competitive enviroment. With no points on offer this round, drivers could really experiment with the resources at their disposal in an attempt to outsmart opponents and test the waters around them.

Of course this could only mean a race at the might Sebring circuit. This circuit offers a great challenge to anyone who dares brave its surface, bumpy corners, concrete walls and a narrow piece of tarmac in the middle to point you in the right direction when required. Fail to do so, you might find yourself in the garage sooner than you expect.

Although I wont go into the full details of what happened during the race, what I will say is that is was very entertaining and pleasing to see so many old and new faces alike going toe-to-toe in an all out frenzy to claim that first victory (Points or no points). We had some suprising results, the defending champions in both classes struggling to stay ahead of some of the new comers. Even so, some of the old teams who we used to see around the mid pack, drove and led from the front in class for a considerable amount of time as well!

This then was where the bar was set. Faster teams believed that they could return this year and get similar results, however it is clear that while they have been celebrating, the others have been practicing. Lucky for them, this was just a taste of what is to come, the calm before the storm. There is still time for the defending champions and their old foes to prepare for the new lads in town, but it won't be so easy this time.

With just two weeks to go until the first round takes place, it's time to up the game and get ready for some great racing with the first round taking place at Road America.

Bring it on!!

P.S here are some cheeky pictures of the event :P

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