iRacing - CFEG's New Audi R8 GT3

Once again Team CFEG Expands it's fleet of cars on the iRacing platform in hopes it will broaden our experience and choices when it comes to participating in large events. Not long ago we added the Ford GTE to our lineup of officially painted cars. This time, we add the very photogenic and downright gorgeous Audi R8 GT3.

Subtle curves, aggresive lines and an engine that will destroy ear drums, this car will turn heads no matter where it goes. The paint scheme outlines and highlights what CFEG enjoys the most, with the 24h logo being placed on the bonnet showcasing out dedication and commitment to endurance events on The mixture of blue and black accompany the bodywork perfectly while hints of yellow to indicate which team is driving the car. All of this, sponsors and design included create the perfect example of an official CFEG paint scheme. Created by Mr K.Jones and finalised by M.Sanderson.

We hope that in time we can enter this car alongside the Mercedes GT3 next year when iRacing announces 2019's list of endurance events. 2018 saw CFEG win most class wins and races than any in its existence. This gives us confidence to continue expanding our line up of cars and drivers to aim higher than ever before. Here is to a very good 2019!

Please welcome, the Audi R8 GT3!

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