CFEG - Petit Le Mans! (iRacing)

It's been an outstanding year for the CFEG iRacing team this year. Several new drivers have joined our ranks and have took the cars home in several podium finishes and victories in 2018 alone! Second at Daytona in the DP, 1st in both GT3 + DP at the 12H Sebring and a HPD win at the 24h Le Mans! It turly has been an incredible year.

2018 isn't over yet though, there is still one more endurance race to be completed and that is the Petit Le Mans. Great circuit, we love it to bits and we respect it for what it is. It's a narrow deathtrap waiting to happen and it's anyones guess as to whether or not your going to survive to make it to the next lap.

On the 6th October 2018 x2 CFEG painted cars, one in GT3, the other the Daytona C7, will take to the circuit in what can only be described as a motorised boxing match. To finish 2018 with a class win in this event will be the cherry on top, the icing on the cake, the jam in our british scones...

First though, a test is presented to us. Ten long hours of endless torture on the body and mind, swooping corners, blind apex's and torn tires, these are the things that make Road Atlanta great. So please, give us your support as we draw close to that green flag, followed by your prayers that we make it to the chequered flag on the other end. It is after all in our name.

Bring it on!



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