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One Off Event - 90m Of Spa (Raceroom)

As we approach the championship season CFEG has been hosting one off events to attract more like minded endurance drivers. So we decided that this time we would go full out WEC style. What better way to do that than to visit the circuit De Spa Francorchamps with the combination of LMP1, LMP2 and GTR3 cars.

This will be the first time that CFEG has hosted a race with this line up, and we are hoping to get a huge grid of 36 drivers to offer all our members a multiclass racing experience. Sadly raceroom doesnt allow for drivers changes, so we decided that a 90m test would be enough for any individual to overcome.

This a great opportunity to test your own ability, especially in the underused LMP1 cars that raceroom has to offer. Be warned that this will bring its own challenges, the speed difference between these classes is substantial, with closing speeds between the LMP1 and GTR3 cars being a big challenge to overcome. On top of this you have the might Spa-Francorchamps to content with, with the likes of Eal Rouge, Le Combes, Pouhon and more.

Want to join this great race? then head over to the forum OR Calendar to find out more!

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