One Off Event - 4 Hours of Sepang

CFEG invites you to join us at the Sepang International Circuit for our first taste of the newly released Rfactor2 Endurance DLC Pack. This small piece of paradise located in Southeastern Asia is designed to test and strain any vehicle that braves its grey tarmac, making it the perfect place to test the new DLC content!

But why Sepang you ask? This circuit was made to experience Endurance Racing. Scortching heat during the day, and cool but humid temperatures at night. A golden tropical sunset with tropical trees outlining the circuit below. Fast corners destroy the tires followed by the very rewarding slow and narrow turn 1. Run down into sector two and your presented with a fast flowing left followed by an immediate right. The racing line is fast and provides little room for error, providing a great battleground for multiclass racing.

High and aggresive kerbs line most the circuit, with gravel traps just beyond those. An adaptive driving style will be required for each part of the circuit as Corner entries range from long swooping right handers to tight hairpins. The sheer beauty that this circuit has to offer is almost unmatchable, and we hope you join us to see it for yourselves.

We shall we using the LMP2 Oreca 07 alongside the three GTE cars available as part of the all new DLC. With only 30 slots available, pick a friend and join as soon as your ready. We shall be watching registration closely, should these cars prove popular, then we may consider expanding and using them more frequently as part of our events.

Still not convinced? just speak to any of our previous participants and find out just what its like to take part in a CFEG race, you wont be dissapointed!


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