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CFEG Website breaks 400 members!

Once again we here at CFEGa are blown away at just how quickly this group is growing. We cant thank you all enough for your support and participation in our little community. We hope you enjoy racing with us here at CFEG as we continue to brng you more action on the Virtual track!

Now seems like a good time to explain what our future plans hold for all those interested.

Q2 2018

- Continue to host One Off Events on both Rfactor2 and Raceroom. This allows us to host larger events (endurance events), while also allowing members to attend easily without having to commit to a championship at a time when people will be going on holiday.

While we continue to host these events, we also hope to expand towards iRacing.com in the form of our endurance teams. Currently we have had great success with our x2 teams. With a 2nd place a 24h Daytona and a win in both GT3 and Daytona Prototype at the 12h Sebring. So we hope we can continue this and get further victories down the line and expand towards LMP1, LMP2 and GTE.

Q3 2018

- This is when we will see our championship series make a return. The World Sports Car Challenge will reopen on Rfactor2, as well as the Raceroom Endurance Series taking place (obviously on raceroom) alongside as well. We will announce full details, including track choices, vehicle selections and event times as we get closer to the dates.

Q4 2018

- We will be mid season for our championship series which will run up until April 2019, so although there will be some One Off Events taking place they will not be as numerous or prestigious as though found in Q2 2018. We are also working towards getting Friday night races back to CFEG as we are aware many people want this to happen. We will keep you posted wih details on that both here on our website as well as our discord.

Thats a rough overview of where CFEg is heading for this year. Of course it would be silly of us to expose all our plans, but i hope this keeps you interested in our community and hope to see you on the grid soon :)



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