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One Off Event - 1 Hour of Nurburgring GP [Raceroom]

Suzuka has just been completed and now we must look ahead to our next one off event, with the Raceroom Endurance Series delayed until Autumn, we will continue to host our one off events through the remaining summer months for Raceroom.

The next challenge to present itself is a 1 hour event at the Germany circuit of Nurburgring GP. Being one of Racerooms most popular circuits, as well as being home to the Raceroom Cafe, we hope that this event will gather allot of interest from the community.

A narrow circuit, this will certainly offer a unique challenge to both LMP2 and GT3 competitors alike. The GP circuit is well known for good wheel-to-wheel action and im sure that this will be no exception.

You can find the full details of the event on our forum @ http://www.chequeredflagendurance.com/forum/one-off-events/one-off-event-1-hour-of-nurburgring-gp-lmp2-gtr3

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