WSCC - Daytona 6 Hours (Finale)

So yes, this is a bit overdue. However the excitment and tension that was seen at Daytona for the final round of the World Sports Car challenge still remains to a degree. Its a circuit that can make or break you, with those high cambered oval corners, guarded by concrete mountains on the sides, as well as having the insanely fast turn 1, which I myself have had the pleasure of meeting once or twice before.

This round then, was a survival game. For those that did attend that evening, despite having only 17 cars on track, they all completed the race with huge grins on their faces. Battles for the first 3 hours of the race between lmp2 and GT3 cars, Spins and contact by the leaders! This race had everything.

The start was spectacular. With battles between the #54 Fair Racing team and the #06 Black Hawk racing Lola's into the mid section of the circuit. Battles further down the order between the Iceberg Racing team and the #321 car of M.Wilson. In GT3 Team RSI was demoted to 5th place as A.clapano place his Ferrari down the inside of turn 1. The Ferrari would continue to charge up the order at the early stage of the race, taking 3rd place from the #77 Martini Racing team as well.

Battles would continue throughout the event, with the Max grip endurance car going toe to toe with the #54 and black hawk racing. Team RSI would suffer more losses in the early stages as M.Veit took a position away from them in their BMW sponsored M6. 1 Hour into the race the two leading lmp2 cars would collide as the #55 siezed his front tires, sending im into the #06 car at full speed. Both would recover from the incident and continue the race. The Battles continued without pause until we reached the half way point. Teams began to employ tactics which spread the across the tarmac of Daytona.

Very few things can compare to the beauty that is an endurance race at Daytona, except when you see every team thats on circuit, giving it their all to end the season on a high. It was the Fair racing Team #55 who would take victory in the end in P2 after battling with Black Hawk Racing, Max grip Endurance and others. The team had bad luck most of the season, despite getting onto the podium for most events, it was only their 2nd win. This race then, not only showed their determination, but also showed how they had progressed as a team, similar could also be said for their teammates in the #54 car, who finished 3rd at the chequered flag.

Close behind was the #285 car, who had already secured the championship after their rivals at Rapid Racing failed to attend. They ran the race with a smile on their face knowing they had done what they needed to do to secure victory. A strong start to the season they gained an early points lead over the competition. However, during the latter stages of the series and as the other teams increased their efforts, they didnt see a victory after Interlagos. Relief, Joy and happiness for the Max Grip Endurance Team this season, as they clinched the title at Spa Francorchamps.

In GT3, the game was outright speed for the Poland Sim Racing teams. They knew they had to take victory at Daytona if they had any hopes of stealing the championship away from Team RSI. With nothing to lose and all to gain, every lap they put in seemed to be something you'd imagine out of qualifying. On the other side of the grid was Team RSI in their Grey and Green Bentley car, who wheren't having such a great time. They had lost several positions at the start of the race, leaving them no choice but to change to a tactical approach to salvage everything they could.

The sun dropped below the horizon, the ferris wheel lit up the circuit along with the headlights of cars. Lap after lap went by as Team RSI crawled their way back up the ranks to finish in second place. A prime example where speed is not everything. Even leading for a duration of the event, they decided to let Poland Sim Racing pass without much of a fight. They knew what they had to do to win and that meant finishing the race. Poland Sim racing knew they had done all they can, they had to rely on technical issues hitting the RSI team, but this did not happen. The Poland cars would finish 1st and 3rd, with the #07 being taken home by A.Karkuszewski.

This truly has been a spectacular season. With ups and downs throughout the series, I can say with full confidence that everyone here at CFEG has enjoyed every moment, of every race. Watching these teams battle on track has been a pleasure and i can only hope that they return for more.

Season 2 is already being discussed, with lessons learned from Seaon 1. The WSCC will return in Winter 2018. I hope to see you all there.

Thanks for reading

CFEG Admin Team

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