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GT Masters - Round 3 Approaches (Monza)

Round 3 of the Gt master series takes place this saturday. The championship will challenge drivers to take on the circuit of Monza for a 90m endurance event with both GTR3 and Audi TT RS cars battleing it out for overal victory.

The circuit of Monza is a classic. Fast long straights, fast flowing cambered corners and a turn one with a reputation of creating some of the best and worst overtake in motorsport history, remind those of a time when circuits where designed to allow the old forumla 1 cars to truly test their top speeds.

Don't be fooled, this track can bite, as the tarmac narrows and widens throughout the circuit, with gravel traps on both sides to catch out anyone who lapses in concentration. This will be a good race.

You can sign up for the series by visiting our forum post, See you there.

Sign up - http://www.chequeredflagendurance.com/forum/gt-master-series

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