One Off Event - 90m Bathurst (Rfactor2)

With the real life Liqui Molly 12h Bathurst out of the way, we thought we would host our own little mini version on Rfactor2 to keep that buzz alive a little bit longer (Raceroom event also on its way). So choose your poison from the several URD GTE cars on offer, and get ready to tame the mountain! Do we really need to say much about bathurst? Narrow tarmac, concrete walls and a feeling that death is just around the next corner for pretty much every second of the event.

Its time to go racing!

Full details

Event Type - One Off Event

Date - 18/02/18

Times (GMT)

Practice - 1830 Hrs (45m)

Qualy - 1915 Hrs (40m)

Warm up - 1955 Hrs (5m)

Race - 2000 Hrs (90m)


URD (Payed private content)



Name: CFEG 90m Bathurst

Password: To be announced


Time of day - Noon (12:00)

Time Acc - x1

Tires - x1

Fuel - x2

Real Road - 1.5

Flags - Full

Weather - Fixed (clear/light cloud)

Damage Multiplier - 60% (or die in a ball of fire)

Start - Rolling

Sign up on the forum @

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