RES - Shanghai Practice on 23rd July

With Round 2 of RES fast approaching, teams will be scrambling to get their cars setup to take on the circuit of Shanghai. With portmao behind us and an early points lead going to certain drivers, can the rest of the field catch up and get on pace in time?

Got you worried? not to worry. CFEG has you covered, as we will be hosting an official Practice session at 8pm BST on the 23rd July for 2 hours!..

But the server is always live you might say, well yes that is true, however this is a great opportunity to see where you stand in the grand scheme of things, find out what other teams are putting down and see how you compare to their lap times.

Also, now that we have our own website, we can give you passwords well in advance, as this part of the forum is restricted to members only! cool right :P

Password for practice = RESpractice1

Server goes live - 8pm BST

Let the practice begin!


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