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CFS is passionate about motorsport, whether it be club racing to top end endurance racing events, we believe it needs capturing and sharing with the world.

CFS has been hosting & Broadcasting events on RF2 for 5+ years. In 2021 CFS ceased to host it's own events and now provides external communities the opportunity to capture their events as they unfold in great detail.

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The Broadcasts


All of our streams are Broadcasted onto our Youtube Channel using OBS in 1080p for high-end quality. Youtube is our main platform, with 670 Subscribers as of May 2021. All Streams are saved to the channel, so your members can re-live their best moments again & again!

At the point of booking you will be given access to our Discord channels where you can talk to our team about any changes and/or concerns going forward so your events run smoothly.

Pre & post race interviews are available for that authentic feel, adding to the moment for those who have come home victorious!

Other Platforms

CFS also broadcasts to Facebook & Twitch for further exposure. Have your members feel comfortable as they are given the choice to watch the action on their desired platform. This is all done simultaneously at no additional cost!

You can check our external pages using the logos to the left!


choose a package:
OUR PROMISE: CFS will NEVER request payment until we confirm we can cover your event!

Option 1:


The Essentials


 inc VAT

Live Stream

x1 Commentator

YouTube Thumbnail

Video Description

Option 2:


The Professional look


 inc VAT

 Bronze Package

Pre-Race Promotion

Customised Broadcast Overlay

Post Race Interviews

Option 3:


The Premium package!


 inc VAT

Bronze Package

Silver Package

Custom Skin Pack Creation Paint Overlay Images

 Post Race Write up & Gallery

 Pre-Race Interviews


Hire us for the length of the event
(Note: Practice & Qualfying will count as hired time)



 inc VAT

CFS will charge £10 per 60 minutes of livestreaming time. If you require the service to run for longer than 60 minutes, simply multiply the hourly rate until your event is covered. We've created some event layout examples below.

Example 1:

Sprint Event

1 hour Club event Multiple small Sprints


Qualy: 20m

Race: 40m

Example 2:


3 hour event

Single Stint Endurance


Pre-Race: 10m

Qualy: 30m

Race: 120m

Post Race: 10m

Example 3:

Endurance event

7 hours (6h Race)

Multi-class Racing


Pre-Race: 10m

Qualy: 30m

Race: 360m

Post Race: 10m


You can SAVE money by buying in bulk!

5% if you schedule 3 Events at once

8% if you schedule 6 Events at once

  10% if you schedule 10 Events at once




 inc VAT

Max 60 Minutes

Whats this?

Add an extra Commentator for a maximum period of 60 minutes. You can of course choose to have an extra commentator for larger events. Simply multiply the Extra until your event is covered!

Subject to Availability*

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