Bridging Virtual & Reality!


Sim-Racing means something different to everyone, for many, it's a way to experience the sport they admire without the financial costs involved. Sim-Racing provides an opening, a foot in the door that would otherwise be left closed.


CFS's founder "Matt" chose to open this door at an early age. At the age of 10 he began to purchase racing games such as Gran Turismo, GTR and more to experience the thrill of racing. As the years went by, games turned into simulators, hardware improved to sim-ware and, the approach became more serious.

CFS was born in this time, hosting events and championships with success while winning endurance events such as PTLM, 24h Le Mans, 12h Sebring and more! However, unlike others sim-racers where the hunger to race would be satisfied, with CFS, the urge to go racing in the real world grow insatiably.


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Roll Cage

The piece of equipment that we hope we never need. The roll cage from custom cages meets all MSV requirements for club racing. With a cross bar to protect the body and several supports running across the roof, it will protect us from the worst of collisions. Let's not find out though.

I've banged my head on this more times than i can count already.


Cooling System

The Standard Radiator has been replaced with a 36mm Koyo Rad to improve cooling efficiency. With the engine screaming down the road at 9000 rpm this is one of the most crucial upgrades made to the car. Installed and provided by Essex Rotary it has performed spectacularly from day 1.


Air Intake

The Air Intake system has been replaced by a high-performance AEM Intake. Placing the filter outside of the engine bay allows colder air to reach the engine, which of course means more bang for your buck! An easy way to increase performance, easy to install too!


Camber Arms

The Front Camber arms have been replaced with JapSpeed parts, giving us with the ability to adjust the car's settings on the go without the need to visit a garage. Powder Coated for protection these Camber arms are the perfect solution for the racer hunting those lap times!

Black Diamond Blue Logo diamond in background.jpg

Brake System

Top of the range Drilled & Grooved brake discs and pads from Black Diamond allow the car to dive deep into the brake zones at all the circuits we visit with confidence. The surface modifications help dissipate the immense heat created from slowing down at speed! The car also has rebuilt callipers all around to ensure ultimate efficiency when it comes to slowing things down.


The Engine!

Underneath the hood we have the 1.3 Rotary engine. Rebuilt for motorsport she is in her prime as she screams her way through the corners. Iconic for its unique noise & power output from x2 650cc spinning triangles.

The engine has remained standard, with no bridge porting or further modifications made besides the ignition system (D585) and uprated spark plugs


Safety Equipment

In order to participate in motorsport, the car had internal & external switches installed. These both cut off the electrical component of the car, as well as the fuel.

Should all else fail, the car has a Lifeline Firemarshal system installed to put an end to any fires that may occur during our time on the track. Let's hope we don't need that one anytime soon though eh?

Other improvements include bucket seats, 6-point safety harness and uprated steering wheel.



Though the OEM suspension is very good, we exchanged them for Coilovers for that race track feel! Firming up the ride and lowering the car produces a sharper response from steering inputs and reduces body roll when cornering. The MaXpeedingRods are an effective way of achieving this, without breaking the bank.



Team Dynamics 18 inch Monza Alloys in Powder Coated white have replaced the standard OEM wheels. Lighter, better looking, they really improve the cars looks and matches the winning blue of the car perfectly. What do you think?


Rear Subframe

With all the power going to the rear, its important to upgrade the subframe for maximum potential. With JapSpeed Arms and links we have the ability to adjust the Camber & Toe of the rear wheels to extract the full potential of the powertrain. An expensive upgrade, but well worth the extra time it can find out on track.


Exhaust system

Using JapSpeed Parts we have replaced the Manifold, Mid-pipe & BackBox to improve efficiency and, of course, the noise!

The Rotary is clearly identifiable as it screams around UK circuits as we are the only Rotary powered car on the grid!



with resources so tight and, with no spare wheels, it was important to find a tyre that could meet the challenges of all the conditions we could potentially face. The Nankang NS2R's provide a perfect balance between road & Track performance. They have the grip required to take on the faster corners, while also having the ability to disperse any rain with ease when things get hairy. For a firm ride, the tyres are run at 225/40 R18.


Words of CFS Founder Matt:

I thought, In order to start this journey, first I had to jump, otherwise there would always be "A" reason, not to do it in the first place, there would always be a "better" time than now. Researching the car before the purchase I felt somewhat connected to it, it was different, unique, it made a noise like nothing else I had heard before and it looked gorgeous. So, In 2014 I acquired a 2005 Mazda Rx8. Buying the car I had little knowledge of the Infamous Rotary engine that lay within, nor did I have a clue on how to get into Motorsport past that point.

I began to ask questions, improve the car and create a plan on how to achieve the target of entering the real world of Motorsport.What would I need to meet the regulations? How do I ensure the car is competitive with the rest of the grid? What will be my budget for the year? And, what would I do if I crash the car?

The largest obstacle would of course be of a financial nature. With an engine rebuild required, roll cage, suspension, radiator, oil coolers, wheels, camber arms, subframe, the list went on continuously. With each purchase the journey grew longer, as did the hours spent at work in an attempt to fund this adventure. Time spent with friends dimished, meals out were a thing of the past. Luxuries became a distraction for the task at hand and the world became a single road to the finish line.


The sacrifice required to achieve something like this cannot be underestimated, the focus and dedication required just to get off the ground nearly broke me. I thought I was throwing my money down the toilet, It was never going to get done. sometimes you would fix one problem only to find another that was even more expensive. I felt like I couldn't keep going and, there were many times when the car would go untouched for several months where I had lost confidence that I could see this through.

Despite the hardship I kept on going. Something inside refused to let it go. Itused to fill me with dread going back to the garage to find yet more problems, but we kept fixing them nethertheless. Sooner or later we started to realise that our "to do" list was fairly small now and, filled with renewed energy I sprinted for the finish line.

Having spent 7 years working on the car I decided that 2021 was the year to go for it. The car still had problems, it was not ready and, having sat for so long who knew what would happen when it was finally unleashed onto the circuit. However, with a deadline set, it would push me to work on the car one last time to get this project across the finishing line once and for all. I needed to prove to myself that the past years weren't for nothing, that I COULD achieve my dream of becoming a real racing driver even if the car was a pile of junk.



In 2021 Matt entered his Mazda Rx8 into the Trackday Trophy under the team name "Chequred Flag Simsports" and, continues to partake in the season. With so much to learn the car is constantly being improved to become even more competitive. The teams knowledge base is growing as is its confidence moving forward.

With each new event comes a new challenge to improve and achieve better results. Matt wants to show people that, with the right approach, a sim-racer can enter the real world of motorsport. Without fame, sponsorship, or backing, it is not easy. However, by prioritising resources, time and, focusing on the road ahead, a sim-racer can achieve their dream of entering Motorsport.


Come check out our journey so far this year using the videos below!